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Updated: April 30, 2007


My thoughts are with you today. I am going to honor your Bubba tomorrow at a local benefit in my hometown for area animal shelters. I am going to make a donation in sweet Bubba's name to my favorite no kill shelter - Hillside SPCA.

You have touched many people by sharing your life and memories of him in such a special way. He will never be forgotten - even by strangers who never met him but in some way shared his life through you.



Dear Annie,

Thank you so much! Having been found wandering around by himself, I know that Bubba would be thrilled to know that other lost animals are being helped in his name!


I know Bubba would have absolutely loved the celebration of his life that you had on Saturday.

He probably would have slept through most of it and then focused his big brown eyes on you while sighing towards the treats, but he would have been content with his ladies all around him :)



Today was really a special day.

It was nice to be able to let my mind wander and to try to remember Bubba as he would have appeared as a younger dog, even though I didn't know him then. Of course, when he was dying, I couldn't do that -- he was beginning to suffer so.

But today I could see him as a playful, healthy, gentle dog, and I could almost feel him sitting in the shade, off to the side, watching. It was a little like a scene from "Our Town".

A few times I was remembering how noble and what a sport Bubba was when he was sick. I recall kissing him while he sat in his Bailey chair and how he'd look with those beautiful eyes and say,

"Thank you for helping me -- you know I am trying very hard to be brave and to get well fast for my mom.
It's very important so I can be there for her.
I am the man of the house, you know."

And when he'd have trouble with the mucous and the stuff coming up, he'd look at me again, just a fleeting look, as if to say,

"I'm not sure I can do this, but -- I must! . . . There! Okay! I'm back!"


Bubba was a man/dog of few words, but very expressive....

It was a wonderful tribute to the Best Gentleman Who Happens to be a Dog. And to friends.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

Donna K.

Again Gigi, on this day I am thinking of you and wishing you a day to remember the joys that you and Bubba shared. The love and friendship and all the special times that are a part of your memory. Somehow I believe this will be all that remains on this day to reflect on. God bless you Gigi and the lucky little baby that is out there somewhere just waiting on his wonderful new mother.

Love and bichon kisses,

Sheila, Heidi, Haley and Bailey" boy"


I know that there a lots of folks out there who felt close to you and to Bubba. Some, I am sure, were looking for the help that I was looking for and found an incredible story about a wonderful girl and her wonderful dog. Every single person felt the frustration and heartache you felt and cheered Bubba's little victories as their own.

He was an amazing friend and you are an amazing young lady. Bubba is proud!

Donna S.

Thinking of you today - I am wishing you a peaceful day of remembrance.

Many hugs,


Oh my goodness Gigi…. I just read your story of your sweet boy. – I don’t have any tissues around either. What a wonderful wonderful friend you had in him, and you were to him. Thank you so much for sharing this part of you and your friend.

Here’s Bubba’s picture – I am now offering his design as part of my regular line.

Every once in a while I question the business I am in – then someone shares a story – such as yours and I remember why I love doing what I do so much. Thank you so much for allowing me to be able to help in your celebration of your sweet boy.

Kristen Cassidy

Couldn't have loved him any more than if he popped out of your body.

Memories are good things.

Dr. Kathy

Thinking of you Gigi.


Jenny Hamish Macbeth & WOLFIE

Wow, that was so sweet. He was so loved.

Glad you and your friends did such a wonderful tribute to Bubba............we loved him too.

Hugs.......Joanie and Jim

Your story inspired me to keep up the fight to keep my 2lb Pomeranian mega-e dog going. Your trails are so much like mine, I felt like no one understood. I cried when I read Bubba died.

I know I will lose my Cleo one day, and the fear of her dying in my arms scares me. She just made it to 5 mths old. She was born at 1 ounce and she is extremely small. I have a 5 week old puppy who is two times her size. I just knew she was a gift from God.

I pray she lives. I feel so relieved that someone else walked the ends of the earth for their fur baby. I hope I am as strong as you when the time comes.

I know you are busy,but this story really gave me hope that I may have years not days with Cleo. I want her to live and help educate others with Mega-e dogs. Cleo is my heart. I have no one who can replace her. I wish I could do more than I do.

I hope Bubba meets Cleo one day and helps her to heaven.

I plan to attach a note with Cleo to go to heaven with, saying, "Special delivery to Bubba, please help Cleo to heavens gates. Love, her Mommy".

I cant type any more my tears are in my eyes, so thank you again for your blog about Bubba.

Dear Cleo's Mommy,

Thank you for writing!

I hope that Bubba's story can inspire you to always believe that things can and will get better.

A good friend of mine named Donna has a beautiful dog named Bailey who is now 8 years old. He too was diagnosed with Mega-E when he was a puppy and you should see him now!

Between her love and patience and her being well-informed on Mega-E, she has been able to give him a great life. I am confident that you too can do the same for Cleo.

I will keep the two of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Gigi


I celebrate your sweet Bubba's life everyday. I printed out your quote of the day from you website entitled "Dogs are my favorite role models" along with Bubba's picture above and have it hanging in front of me at my cubicle at work.

I read it almost daily and try my best to live up to it. Quite a feat - something only a dog can do.

My thoughts and prayers are always with you. I check the dog blog and your website daily for Bubba updates and just to see how you're doing.


Hi Gigi,

Wow -- I almost feel like I know Bubba and Pinche after reading about their journeys.

Thanks for an amazing tribute to your four-legged friends.

See you soon,

Glendale, CA

Dear Gigi,

I have spent the last few days literally sobbing thru your stories about Pinche and Bubba and wanted to thank you for sharing your story.

I am going thru a divorce right now and was particularly touched by the fact that even though you were facing personal heartbreak this year, you never stopped trying to save your dear Bubba Dog. I don't know if I am as strong as you but you have definitely inspired me.

God Bless You and may you soon find the happiness you so deserve.

New York City

Re: The Blinds Post

Dear Gigi,

It's Bubba...........almost every dog I've ever had that went to Rainbow Bridge has come back to me briefly by ruffling the blinds. Not only that, they each have a different way, so I know which one it is. I know that sounds nuts, but I'd place my life on it. The latest one, Fluffles, a Bichon Frise makes them sound like she's barging in just like she did. Pepper, a Dobie, just barely makes them move, the same way she did when she was with me. Chelsey, a rescued Golden Lab, just lays down and bumps into them. I'm sure I've missed her visits because they are so gentle. Kodi, a Maine Koon Cat, moves one piece to look out and the one next to it as he backs out, the same as he always did. I look so forward to these times and their visits. These are only the animals that I've had in this house and I wonder if the animals buried at my old house still come. That thought bothers me. The visits seem to come when I need them the most. Whatever you think, listen for the blinds to move again, I believe it will come. I have only had a brief feeling of being brushed up against soon after their leaving, but my blinds continue to move. I do cherish those times.

Accept it and know he is still looking after you. I'm so happy this has happened to you.

Chris Wierer
Crestview, FL

Thank you Chris!

I think what made it more special was that it was so unexpected.


Hello Gigi:

I came across your doggie blog when I was searching for information regarding my 4 lb. yorkie. I noticed two days ago that on his left side toward the last of his ribcage there is a small lump. Since he is so tiny anyway, I have never noticed this before. It doesn't seem to bother him even if I touch the spot. I didn't know if it was imperative to get him into the vet or if he just bumped up against something. This is my first dog and am a single mom at the age of 46. So I know now about people being so attached to their dogs.

Since I read about your dogs, this gave me the answer I needed. I will make an apt. with his vet in the morning.

Thank you for sharing your story.


Your email made my day. I am so glad that you are taking your Yorkie into see the vet.

Please keep me posted.


Maybe by now it would be possible, to let another furry friend heal you.

We are a house full of dogs (3).

There have been heartbreaks before, but we always have another furry friend to help us through it.

Hope you are doing alright.


No, no new furry friend...yet.

It is just too soon for me but one day I will open my home and heart again...there are just too many "boys and girls" out there that need homes not to.


Hi. I am Liz and my dogs are Duke and Sonny.

Duke has epilepsy and I enjoy hearing stories of brave mums and dogs.

What a good dog mum you are. I hope to be half the mum you are.

Liz and Duke and Sonny
Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Your blog had me sobbing, and I am not one to cry much. Our stories are somewhat similar except I was too scared to take Crystal to the vet. She got her first lump when she was 6. I was terrified and that time did take her to the vet and they said it was nothing to worry about. I knew better but couldn't afford it and as the years went by she took on the nickname lumpy because of many tumors she had. She was the best dog anyone could hope for, I could go on and on with stories about Crystal. I don't know if you still read any mail about this blog but it was such a tribute to Pinche I am sure he knew the love you had for him. Crystal died June 7, 2006 at the age of 17 and I miss her so much I can't stand it. I am going to try to attach a picture.

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Hi Gigi,

I checked your blog today and was glad that you had put a new message on there. I check it several times a week to see how you are doing because I know the pain that you are in. I also can understand how you fold into yourself in order to keep the pain away. I am now suffering that pain as Cooler died July 6th. I thought Cooler and Bubba looked a lot alike with their gray faces. And Cooler was 15 on May 1st. I am going to try to forward the original email I wrote but I worry about you and as that "daughter" we would have liked to have had, we keep you in our hearts and prayers. I wrote this about midnight on July 7th:

"I have checked your blog from time to time to see if you had made any new entries about Bubba and did see your latest entry. I don't know if you check on the Megaesophagus site and if you don't, you won't know that Cooler passed away yesterday. I wanted to tell you since Cooler and Bubba were about the same age, and they looked a little like each other and they were both gentle and wonderful boys. Cooler was 15 on May 1st.

I had carried Cooler to the vet yesterday and they said that he needed to stay in order to have oxygen and medication that could be injected. Seemed simple enough, but three hours later,the vet called to tell me that Cooler had an episode and they could not save him.

Sometime when I figure out how, I will forward a picture of Cooler to you. His muzzle was white but he was black everywhere else except for some white on his throat and feet.

I would say that I hope you are feeling better but that sounds so far from how I know you are doing. I do hope that you are comforted by the good years that you and Bubba had and as someone told me about how Cooler was such an easy going and undemanding and gentle boy, Bubba was the perfect gentleman because you were the perfect person for him.

I have tried not to bombard you with emails even though we felt like you were our daughter but we still hold you in our prayers and thoughts and embrace you from here in Alabama and hope you are getting your balance back.

Please take care of you -- you are special to your friends here in Alabama.

Donna Stedham

Oh, Donna!

I am so, so sorry to hear of Cooler's passing.

Even though we were both so lucky to have had our boys live so long, it never seems long enough!

Cooler will be in my thoughts and will you and your family.


I've sent many prayers and love for Pinche and Bubba.

Now I send love and prayers for you, for healing and peace.

Meryl and Stanley dog in New Zealand XXXX

Prayers are also welcomed as well as needed.

Thank you for caring!


I am pet sitting in town here and just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you. The pain never goes away. That is because you do have the passion. That is a blessing. Don't ever let anyone ever tell you otherwise. That is something that no one or anything can ever take from you.

I too still think of Pinche and Bubba all the time....missing you and here for you to talk to if you need someone.

When I was with my partner at the time my boy became ill, I truly thought that because of my total dedication of time and energy and all of my life to him, that could either make or break the relationship. It is a very very hard time to go through, when someone just does not understand.

I can tell by the pictures of you and him that you truly found your best friend in Bubba.

Your friend in Massachusetts,

That is a beautiful picture! His teeth were so cute, so innocent, so child-like. Bubba truly IS a gem... and will remain.

I know your heart hurts... as it should. If it didn't, that would mean that he had brought nothing to your life. But, he did bring much to
your life... and that is why it hurts so badly.

Feel the pain, Girlfriend. Because each time you do, it reminds not only you, but him... how much you have both brought to each other.

I feel sorry for those who lose someone and are able to function the next day, week, month, or year. Those people never really felt the love.

I feel sorry for them.

Embrace the pain you are feeling... it is a meaningful sign. Not only a sign of what we have lost, but what we are capable of doing again.

Your new 'Bubba' and 'Pinche' are out there waiting for you.

They are in a hopeless kennel looking up just looking up and praying for you to be better enough to come and rescue them. Praying... that they can be saved in time for you to come and give them the life and love that you gave to Bubba and Pinche.

It may be too soon for you to rescue them just now... but they are patiently waiting, because they know you need time to grieve. But, they are sadly wagging their little tails... and are scantily showing you their baby teeth as well. When it is time to rescue them.. you will see the happiness in their smile.

Just like Bubba showed you in that picture.


This is a letter I just received from my close-friend Cyndey response to one of my late night emails where I sent her this picture taken just five days before the Bubster died:

You'll notice Bubba's bottom teeth showing...something he did once in awhile. The day he died in my arms, what I called his "baby" teeth were showing. In my grief at that moment, I remember repeating that over and over..."his baby teeth are showing".

As I find my way thru my grief, what Cyndey said touched me deeply and I wanted to share it with all of you.

While many may not understand my pain and/or feel sorry for me, I in turn feel sorry for those who, when faced with loss, are able to move-on as if nothing has happened.

Months ago, someone accused me of being "too passionate" about feelings, whether they be love, grief or even a rare moment of anger ran too high for them to understand, I was told.

It was the first time I had ever heard such a thing....and I hope it's the last.

For I cannot imagine a life without passion...without feeling passionate about everything you do and everyone you love.

I live with passion. I love with passion....and now, I even grieve with passion.

It is who I am.

Thank you, my friend, for understanding.



You and Bubba are in my thoughts and prayers.

Your dear boy has touched so many hearts and your devotion to him is an inspiration to all.

Mary Spear
Kurt (GSD w/megaesophagus, 2 yrs 4 mons)
Des Moines, IA


My heart just breaks that you are going through this.

As difficult as it was to let my Friskie go, I had to love her enough to let her go. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. It's been over a year now and I still miss her dearly. There is a part of me that will never recover.

Just spend as much time with him as possible and let him know how much you love him. Believe me, he knows. You've done everything you can.

Part of you will feel a sense of relief, like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulder. The stress of worry will be gone and you know your baby will be at peace. There is a sense of peace with all of that. But there will be the loss of pain. There are websites out there that tell you all the different 'phases' you go through. Believe me, it was all new to me. Non-pet people just don't understand. Like I may have mentioned, please get that doggy book "Dog Heaven" when the time comes. It really is helpful.

Thinking of you and Bubba.

Spend those precious moments together and cherish them. I still have Friskie's last photo of her at the house on my front table.

Lots of hugs and prayers,



My heart is breaking for you both, and I am writing this through my own tears.

Although it may sound trite at a time like this, take comfort in the fact that Bubba knows that he is loved and cherished as the treasure he is.

God loaned you His precious creation, and it's time for Bubba to go home. Hold tight to the 14 years of memories that you were blessed with. You should have the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing what is best for Bubba.

He will be free.

God bless you and give you the strength to get through this and the days to come.

You will both be in my prayers.

Houston, TX


Read your most recent post and my heart goes out to you.

Remember that you gave Bubba a wonderful life here and that someday you will be reunited forever.

Holding you and Bubba in prayer--he will be with God who (although it is hard to believe) loves him as much as you do. He will be safe
and comfortable and will know that you are loving him.

I know how desperately painful this will be for you.

Sending prayers for comfort for both of you,


Dear Gigi,

Just read up on Bubba-Dog. My roommate and I are still sending our prayers.

Just know that if he does not recover, know in your heart, that you did everything that you could for him.

He knows how much you love him.

Farrah and Flash are still watching over him for you. Hang in there and if you need someone to talk to, I'm here.

Jo, Angels Farrah and Flash

I know this is hard gigi, bubba wants to go to his best bud in the world, pinche.

sometimes you have to make the decision. he has done his work, and a great one at that.
he is being called home to god and to heaven. he will no longer be in pain.

you are the best bubba, good job boy.
there will never be another just like you.
thank you for giving gigi, pinche and all your
bestest buds the honor of knowing and loving you.
thank you bubba for being you.
good doG bubba. good boy !


Oh honey, I'm so, so sorry.

I have shed tears for you and Bubba countless times.

Your love and devotion to him is wonderful and I know he feels surrounded by your love.

Please tell him we're all praying for both of you and sending beautiful white light for him to bathe in. Love him.

Jeanne's Pet Sitting
Wrentham, MA

I know most of the people writing to you on the guestbook don't know you but as someone who has for a very long time, let me me tell them that you are one of the most amazing, wonderful, loving and smart women I have ever met.

Your soul is pure like no other and if anyone on this earth does not deserve to suffer or shed a single tear it is you, Gigi.

Sorry does not begin to describe how I feel about your "baby Bubba" being sick...have faith. Have faith.

As for those who chose not to be with you during this difficult time, shame on them. It is their loss, not yours.

You're in my heart and you're in my prayers.

I only wish we were closer to give you that hug you need.

Ronnie and Sarah
London, England

And you promised you wouldn't change a single word!

And I kept my promise.

Thank you my friends...for the kind but undeserving words.

I love you both, too, Gigi

My heart is breaking for you.

I am sending much love, prayers, and white light all to Bubba right now.

Hopefully they will help him improve.

I will share the love, prayers and white light with you when Bubba gets better.

Right now he needs them all.


Almost two years ago I adopted Shelby a golden mix.

They never told me she had mega and after reading the journey you have been on I guess I need not tell you what we are going thru.

Anyway good luck to you.


Dear Sal,

If anything, I hope Bubba's Journey does not discourage you but encourage you.

Mega-E was only the battle...our war was with age and then the bloat surgery.

Please check back because I will write about how we had the Mega-E under control, at least for awhile.

Have faith...Gigi

gigi, I wish they could live for ever but that would be heaven, would it not?

remember this would not be goodbye, but yet " until we meet again, my friend "

sometimes they hold on for dear life because they are afraid of what will happen to you, when they are gone.

please let him know you will be ok, just for his peace of mind.

love, barbara
(please give yourself and bubba a squeeze from me, ginger and spike )

Dear Barbara,

Towards the end I tried my best to convince Bubba that I would be okay but try as hard as I did, in my heart, I didn't believe my own words.
And I am sure that he, being the gentle, sensitive soul that he was, probably didn't believe me either.

I did try, though.

Thank you....Gigi

Hi Gigi,

I sat here tonight and I read the entire journal on Bubba. I sat here and I cried and cried to think of what he has been through.

I also want you to know my heart is breaking for your personal pain, not only regarding Bubba but the personal loss that I see as I read between the lines.

I just went through the breakup of a fifteen year relationship. I wanted you to know that my heart is aching, and my heart is aching for you. In the words on Bubba's journal I could so identify with so much of your pain. I know tonight is hard.

I know Bubba is desperately ill and I want you to know he is in my heart and I am praying he not suffer.

I know you feel alone, but you are not alone Gigi. There are others out here that are sharing in this with you. Bubba is the perfect " gentleman" and somehow Bubba's great love for you will get you through this.

Love and all my prayers,

Sheila, Heidi, Haley and Bailey
North Carolina

Dear Sheila,

I don't even know you but yet you have been such a source of support for us!

I edited your email, deleting the personal parts but did want to mention that writing about my personal life and loss wasn't easy but it was an important part of our journey and I had to share some of it.

I know, by your story, that you understand why my heart aches so.

God Bless You...and thank you.



With eyes welled up with tears that turned to streams running down my face, I read Bubba's story.

It isn't only Bubba's story but a story of a brave young woman despite all odds has and still is fighting valiantly with all that is in her to try and not only save her perfect gentleman but to try to improve the quality of his life. As each day unfolded, I was more and more overwhelmed with what you and Bubba have had to go through.

I can't even begin to imagine the months of stress, fear, despair, hope and financial strain you have endured to save this boys life. Some would say, he is old, It is his time but they do not understand the love and bond you two share. I understand this bond. I feel your pain,fear, and love for this boy. Some have never been Blessed with the love of a dog.

I wish I had a miracle for you and Bubba not just mere words that can not help in any significant way. Your journey is one that could happen to any of us and our beloved furry friends. It is frightening just to imagine it but to have to live this like you have been is so painful to think about.

My heart goes out to you and Bubba. Your love for this boy has touched my soul as well as all that you two have been through. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers as he is fighting once again to return home to you.

I know it isn't much but know that you have many kindred spirits out here in cyber space that is praying for a miracle for Bubba. A way to control this condition. This monster that has made both your lives a living hell. I know each added day that he is still here with you is a Blessing. I wish you many more Blessings and many more good days for Bubba.

No one should have to go through what you are going through. Especially Bubba.

Besides prayers we send lots of Black and Tan Healing Zen for you both. I pray for strength for you also to keep on doing what you need to do. May God be with you as you forge ahead on this long Journey.

May there be light soon for both of you.

Gail Godding
Willowglen Gordon Setters

Hi Gigi,

I've checked your blog every few hours to get updates on Bubba and I am sorry that it seems that he may not be able to rally from his latest setback.

Sometimes with everything that we do and the doctors do, it just isn't enough, but miracles can and still happen and with prayer, nothing is impossible.

Sometimes that answer is no but as long as Bubba still breathes and knows that you are there for him there is always the chance that he may pull through.

Unfortunately, your gigantic support team can't be there to help you but know that everybody is with you in thoughts and prayers and spirit.

Be strong even though I am sure you don't want to because I know what you are going through having gone through a similar situation with my Chihuahua
just last July and now Cooler, the cocker spaniel, who has Mega-E is getting worse.

My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you both.

Donna Stedham - mom to Cooler.

Oh Gigi:

My heart is breaking as I read the latest news about Bubba. How I wish there was something I could do to help you both!

I pray that he pulls through, but if it is his time to go home, that God give you the strength to do what's best for him.

God bless both of your precious hearts...

Houston, TX

I wish Bubba the best from my heart.

And as sensitive as you are, I wish you the strength that you continually need during this phase that Bubba and you are going through.

This feeling of sadness that makes you gasp for air, unfortunately, I also know too well.

So, let me know if there is anything I can do even if it is as simple as giving you a hug. I'll be there.

Studio City

I know you know....and I will take you up on that hug, my friend, soon.

Very soon.

Love, Gigi


I am praying for Bubba, you and all his vets and techs. I read the blog and he is a very special dog. You two have one of those wonderful
loving bonds.

Last year our 14 year old Standard Poodle died and my husband and I had a similar bond with him, and lots of veterinary experiences too.

Know that you both are being held in prayer by so many.

When the time comes to let him go he will tell you, don't worry.

Our hearts go out to you,


Gigi, Bubba-dog and you are in my prayers! Much positive energy flowing your way!

Merlin (12-year-old weimaraner with mast cell cancer and lumbosacral disease) and Indy (lucky-dog former stray chow mix)
Saint Louis, MO

We are praying for Bubba.

Elizabeth and Rescues IS Merlin, IS Reba, ES Marilyn Wilkerson, and Puppet

First thing I do every morning is to check on Bubba's progress.

You know my heart is with you. I'll be here if you need me.




This is a poem from a little boy that is now with God and the angels. His name was Mattie Stepanek.

This little boy faced all the odds in the world that were bad. He was a champion. He always had hope for a better day. He has inspired me.

Gigi, you have been a champion for your babies. Unfailing in all you have done.

A champion is a winner,
A hero.
Someone who never gives up
Even when the going gets rough.
A champion is a member of
A winning team.
Someone who overcomes challenges
Even when it requires creative solutions
A champion is an optimist,
A hopeful spirit.
Someone who plays the game,
Even when the game is called life.
Especially when the game is called life.
There can be a champion in each of us,
If we live as a winner,
If we live as a member of the team,
If we live with a hopeful spirit,
For life.

© Matthew Joseph Thaddeus Stepanek

God bless you.

Sheila and my bichons

Healing Reiki energy sent the way of your poor sick little pup. My best wishes for healing.

Bobbie Gentilquore


I am only writing to send you good thoughts and prayers for you and the Bub.

God bless you both.

Jeanne's Pet Sitting
Wrentham, MA


What a joy to find that Bubba is doing better! Many, many prayers have been said here for the both of you, and we'll keep them going up for as long as we need to.

I lost my Dobie/Rottie Zeke to congestive heart failure a year and a half ago, and like you, did absolutely everything I possibly could for him for over a year.

His cardiologist called me after Zeke was gone and told me that Zeke had lived long beyond what his prognosis called for, and Dr. Burney could only attribute that to the fact that Zeke's desire to be with me was so much stronger than his disease.

I know that Bubba loves you just as much and has that same strong will to stay here with you, so he'll keep fighting.

God bless you both -- be strong!

Houston, TX

Hi Gigi,

My babies and I get in the bed at night and we pray for Bubba. He is a beautiful gentleMAN. I love his face. WHAT EYES HE HAS!!!

I sat here tonight and I read the entire journal on Bubba. I sat here and I cried and cried to think of what he has been through. I also want you
to know my heart is breaking for your personal pain, not only regarding Bubba but the personal loss

In the words on Bubba's journal I could so identify with so much of your pain. I know tonight is hard. I know Bubba is desperately ill. I want you
to know he is on my heart, and I am praying he will rest and not suffer.

I pray God will give you the strength you need to deal with this.

I know you feel alone, but you are not alone Gigi. There are others out here that are sharing in this with you.

Bubba is the perfect " gentleman". He has the most beautiful face. He has been your best friend and just like Pinche, he always will be.

I have come to see, in all my personal suffering that these baby dogs are the real stuff that love is made of. They are treasures that are worth
more than all the riches in this world. The love they give is unmeasurable.

Somehow Bubba's great love for you will get you through this.

Love and all my prayers,

Sheila, Heidi, Haley and Bailey
North Carolina






Dear Gigi,

I read the Blog with tears rolling down my face. I don't cry often but I couldn't help it.

To lose your human best friend and now facing the loss of your canine best friend is so hard. I have experienced both but not in such a short
time frame so I somewhat understand your heartbreak but not completely.

Know that my prayers and hopes are out there for you.

My deepest sympathy and prayers coming your way.

Ortonville, Michigan

Sending prayers your way and hoping your fuzzy baby is doing fine.

Best regards,

Heidi and her four bichons
Supporter of

I am a member of Small Paws Rescue and read about Bubba. Just want you to know that big prayers are coming his way from here in Topeka, Kansas.

I do senior dog rescue and hospice so I know how difficult it is to go through this.

We will continue to pray that whatever God has planned that you are given the strength and courage to deal with it.

You have given both of your furbabies everything you possibly can and I hope you find great comfort and peace in that.

Jane Rezac
Topeka, KS


I read about Bubba's fight for life from our Small Paws newsletter. I know that everyone who reads about Bubba will say a prayer for his recovery.

I have 3 fluffs of my own. Reading about Bubba's fight for life has touched my heart and I pray for both of you.

Prayers going your way,

Pat and her 3 fluffs

Dear Gigi, I'm praying for the angel.

Love to all,

Jackie, Bearly and Kohl

Hey Gigi,

I am a friend of Cyndey Sue's and hope your baby will be prayers are with you both...and hope for a great and speedy recovery.



You and Bubba are so special to us.

We send hugs and prayers to you both that your precious boy can stay with you.

Bette and Rosie

I have never read anything so sad.

I can’t imagine your pain but I do understand the personal issues as I have been through a divorce after 25 years of marriage.
I know how hard it is to be alone.

I am praying for Bubba that he can recover and have a reasonable quality of life for some more time.

He must know how important he is to you and how much you love him to fight so hard for life. I am praying that you know that you have
truly done everything you can for him.

I am praying that whatever happens you will know your love was communicated to Bubba just as his love for you has been communicated to you.

Faye, owned by Abby, Lester, Gabe and Lily


I read about you and Bubba in the Small Paws newsletter.

God Bless you and may His Hands gently hold your heart during this painful time.


Hello Gigi,

I've read your terrifying journey with Bubba over the past few days and my heart goes out to you both.

As difficult as it is, please know that there are many people sending prayers and strength to you and if it were possible, I am sure
we would all be there for you in person.

For this moment, be strong for Bubba.

My mega e Cocker Spaniel, Cooler, is also 15 and our journey at present is day-to-day and sometimes moment-to-moment.

Donna Stedham

Bubba will let you know if and when it comes time for you to help him make his final journey.

When it was time for my beloved Lacy make the journey to the Bridge, she looked at me in a special way as if to say,"Mom, I'm tired and I'm sick.
I can't go on anymore. It's time to let me go."

I will never forget that look, and you can't possibly mistake it for anything else. I am at peace with myself concerning the decision I had to make
for Lacy, but she made the decision herself. I was just following her lead and doing what was best for her.

Right now, hang on to hope. Sounds like Bubba has the courage and the strong will to get better.

Love, thoughts, and special prayers,



I just want you to know that Bubba continues to be in our prayers. I hope that today brings good news about your precious boy.

Mary Spear
Kurt (GSD w/megaesophagus, 2 yrs 4 mons)
Des Moines, IA

I carry you both in my heart today.

Just know that you are not alone, Gigi. There are many of us who care about you and Bubba even though we are not
there physically, we are with you in spirit.

Don’t try to think ahead – just keep things in the moment.

Love you both.

Tears and prayers are flowing here in San Jose for you both. Bless you and Bubba for what you have been going through.

I understand about your pain, really. I am having relationship problems now also but mine would take a court to disconnect.

My thoughts are with you always.


Dear GiGi,

Cyndey just called me and was VERY upset about your dog Bubba.

Being the "Animal Lovers" that her Dad and I are, we just want you to know that our hearts and prayers are with you and Bubba (Bubbles) tonight.

I know it's hard BUT hang in there........

Fran & Elliott
Cyndey's Mom and Dad


I will pray for your baby today.

My little Haley almost died on me a few weeks ago. She is my 8 yr old from the puppy mill. She just stopped eating and drinking. I called small paws bichon rescue and had all the people there pray for her. Let me tell you, she started getting better immediately.

I am sending a picture of Bubba Dog to them and have them to post Bubba on their website and start a prayer chain for Bubba.

Please know I am thinking of you today and am praying that Bubba will be alright.

Sheila Medford
Heidi,Haley and Bailey

Dearest Gigi,

My Heartfelt prayers are with you always. Candles and the Healing light is sent to you and Bubba.

May God's hands guide the surgeon and may Bubba have an uncomplicated and complete recovery.

Please keep us posted. God and the angels are watching over you and Bubba.

Love and Hugs, Elaine


Gigi- You and he have been in my prayers since this afternoon.

Please update if and when you can.



Praying that Bubba-Dog makes it through this. Farrah and Flash will watch over him from above.

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jo, Gypsy Road, Angel Farrah and Angel Flash

Oh Gigi - how sorry I am to read this! Sending our white light - love and healing to Bubba and also to you!

Do hope the next news is good>

Gentle beardie nudges from Clare and hugs from me. Also wishes for sound knowledge for your vets!

Kay and Clare from New Zealand

Gigi & Bubba,

You both will be in my thoughts and prayers! Bubba you will get better!!

Peace & Blessings


Gigi, you and Bubba are in my prayers always.

Love, Lynn

P.S. Please keep us posted

Bubba is in my prayers for total recovery!


Oh Gigi,

So sorry to hear of Bubba.

Tons and tons of white light, and a few prayers for good measure, are winging from Michigan.

Keep us posted.


I am so sorry to hear about Bubba's surgery. I will be praying all day for the Bubbster.

I certaily hope you are not alone in this trying time.

Samantha and the boys

Oh Gigi,

Prayers are coming from Chicago immediately.

Bloat is the most horrifying experience I've ever gone thru in my life. Thank God you recognized it and got him to the ER so fast.

I will be thinking of both of you all day, and hope to hear good news when I get back from my work in the field. I have no access to a
computer today, so hopefully by the time I return, there will be good news posted.

We're all praying for Bubba!!

Sharon and Presley

Hi Gigi,

Will be thinking of Bubba, and hoping for a full recovery.

I have lost two dogs in the past to torsion, so I'm thinking of you both.


Prayers are on the way. Hang in there Gigi.

Angie & Casper

Lord, look upon Bubba with eyes of mercy, may your healing hand rest upon him, may your lifegiving powers flow into every cell of his body and into the depths of his soul, cleansing, purifying, restoring him to wholeness and strength.

Also for Gigi,to help cope during this time.


God Bless.

David & Duffy (my cat)


I followed Pinche's story last year and came to love Bubba as well. You and the Bubster are both in my prayers.

Easter Blessings,


I cannot begin to believe what you are going through. Please hang in there. This must be so very hard for you. You are trying to make it not only for you but for your mom as well. You are both such very lucky souls to have found one another.

I don't know why it is but whenever I read your moms words I have a crying spell. I wish I lived closer to you.

Please send some further details and let me know how this week has been for you and your Mom too.

Bubba, as prayers are with you....I love you Bubba Boy.....

Aunty Paula

Hi, Gigi!

Sorry to hear that Bubba has had a bad week. Zandra has too, but with her seizures.

Give precious Bubba a hug from me. It was so good to meet him; he is such a gentleman!


Dear Gigi,

I am so sorry to hear that Bubba is sick again! Please keep us posted and know that we are praying hard and fast.


This is so very, very beautiful Gigi.

I hope March and April were better months for you, and please tell Bubba I love him, he is gorgeous.


Dearest Gigi,

Again I am in tears as I read your latest journey. I simply don't know how you find the strength! How do you do it?

Please know that we are here supporting Bubba and you in thought and prayer.

A big kiss to the big guy.

Miami, FL


Your written words leave no doubt that you are both beautiful on the inside and out. Please keep on telling Bubba's story.

Studio City, CA

Prayers and love to you and Bubba.

From 'Down Under' New Zealand from Meryl and ( now getting old ) dog Staney.

I hope Bubba has less attacks. I know what that feeling is like all to clearly, still.....

Gigi, you are always in my thoughts and prayers...

Love you both...

Aunty Paula


I am with you and Bubba. I am so sorry you are going through more canine problems.

Sheesh, those of us who love our dogs certainly understand. For me, I am on my last three dogs. I want and need a less stressful life. Until then, my dogs mean everything to me. Maybe sometime in the future I will have no or only one dog. For now, my heart goes out to you and Bubba.

Be good to yourself, ok?


Bodega Bay, CA

Gigi and Bubba,

Not again. I just can't believe this. This is not fair to you or him. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you have longer with Bubba, then I do with Farrah.

You may not know it, but you have really inspired me. If it wasn't for yours and Pinche's journey, I wouldn't be in a few Canine Cancer groups and I wouldn't have met others, who are going through the same thing that Farrah is and Pinche has.

Thank you Gigi. Thank you Bubba and most of all, Thank you Pinche. I am taking my strength from you guys, preparing for the worst, but enjoying every day that I have with my Farrah Dawn.


Jo, Farrah and gang

OH Gigi, I am so sorry.

I have often kept going to your site. I have my precious angel Sassy on there. I am so sorry that Bubba now has this problem. I will hold you and Bubba in my prayers.

I don't know that much about Mega-E, but I do know how devastating it can be for both him and you. Hang in there and know that I care and I am sure there are many others who do, too.

I am here if you need some one to talk to. It is never easy to watch a beloved family member be ill and all we can do is be there for them and as our tears flow, we must keep praying and having faith and ask for strength to bear it all.

(((Hugs))) and Blessings and Love,

Elaine (angel Sassy), Spunky, Sissy and now Soffeee

Dear Gigi and Bubba Dog,

As always, our thoughts and prayers are with you!



I am so sorry Gigi, words are not enough.

Yes keep me posted on Bubba's journey. I am facing a journey too, my Rueben is getting old and some days he is stiff. At 12 I savior every day.

My prayers are with you,

Pam S.

Bubba and Mom,

What a face you truly do have.

I can see in your eyes how much you miss your buddy Pinche. And I too know that you truly realize that when it is your time to say goodbye to mommy, you will be with your favorite buddy again, and he will follow your every footstep....

I love you Bubs.....

Aunty Paula

Dear Gigi,

Both Bubba and you will be in my prayers.

He is one lucky dog to have you as a "mom".

Dieu Bénit.

Sherman Oaks

Hi there,

Nice to hear from you but a shame it is for reasons like this.

Sending continuing white light - love and healing to you and Bubba!

Remember miracles do happen and I will check the Blog out.

Hugs my friends and gentle beardie nudges from Clare.

Kay from New Zealand

Pinche's Journey

I wanted to tell you I discovered you by looking at Christmas pictures of dogs on Google.

When I'm not at work, I want to start reading Pinche's story. He sure was a cutie. I wanted to tell you how sorry I was and that I know how much Pinche was treasured. I've got a dog like that, too. He's 12 now and it hurts to see him age so I can only imagine your pain of all you went through. Aren't dogs wonderful? I really believe we only get one special one in our lifetime.

So, I just wanted you to know that I know how you feel and will read Pinche's story when I'm not at work so I won't have to worry about the tears that will fall.

Take care.



I just wanted to say that I found your blog, and I'm sitting here crying. I have had dogs in my life that I have loved and lost, and I know only too well the pain of losing them. I can't imagine the pain you went through when you lost your Pinche so suddenly in March of 2004. In reading his story, I too had hope that he would pull through and have quite a few more years to enjoy life. I literally felt like someone had punched me when I reached the part where he passed away unexpectedly.

I have a dog, Powder, I adopted from the Humane Society. He's a mixed breed of American Bulldog and terrier. I was his fourth home and he was only 7 months old when he came into my life. I've had him almost 2 years and I cannot imagine my life without my boy. I love him to distraction, and although it scares me sometimes to realize how very much I love this dog, I try to live for today and pray that God will grant him a long, long life.

May God bless you and Bubba!

Charlene Goes,
New Bern, North Carolina


While I'm reading your story I was crying cause my dachshund name ginger had cancer. It is so sad when things happen and you don't want them to let go. I had her when she was 4 weeks old and she thirteen now and had a breast cancer. I had the surgery done but still it is malignant. I don't know what to do when she is gone. It was a nice story about Pinche. To have a pet is like having one of your kid and I really love my dog. They haven't find yet if it is spread so I'm still waiting but the Doctor had said that she has reach her life expectantcy but still I don't want to give up on her. I know she is a fighther.

God Bless You and Pinche,



I just found out the worst news of my life. Farrah, my goldie, has cancer. I noticed a bump on her backside a couple of weeks ago and got her in to the vet this past week. They called today with the news. They said that there is surgery to remove it, to biopsy it and see for sure, because her cytology was "suspicious" for cancer, but when the vet told me, she said that if the surgery wasn't done, Farrah would only have 6-11 months to live. If it was done, then she MAY have 2+ years. The vet is sure that it already spread anyway's.

That's when I went looking all over the internet for information and help for financing. Then I remembered you and Pinche.

I don't know how you managed to be so strong throughout his journey, but it looks like I'm heading down that same path with Farrah and right now, I am completely falling apart. How did you do it, because I'm honestly scared that I'll loose her in six months because of an expensive surgery that may or may not be affordable or even help her.

It's nice to hear that Bubba Dog is still around.


Hi Jo,

Thanks for writing.

I am so sorry to hear that both Farrah and you are going thru this ordeal.

I found my strength in hope and being pro long as I had hope that something, anything could be done to save Pinche then I was able to move forward.

As long as there was something that I could do for him, then I did it. Knowing that I did all that I could for him until the very end has helped me heal.

I also took strength from Pinche's amazing strength and his ability to still enjoy his life, even though I was falling apart. They are amazingly strong, as I am sure you know.

It's important that you take one day, one test at a time. The answers will come to you, I promise.

As for the doctor's saying it has spread, let's wait for the biopsy to come back. One day at a time, remember?

I remember when the doctor's assured me that Pinche's cancer had spread -- remember they even removed a kidney because they thought it was there. It wasn't.

Please let me know how you are doing. Meanwhile, I will keep both Farrah and you in my prayers.

Love, Gigi

I'm glad you're feeling better. It would still help (for closure for the ones of us who followed Pinche's story) if you could some time tell
exactly how he died that final day. We still don't know.

Take care,

Chenaya in Portland

Dear Gigi Bubba Dog and Pinche at the RB

I thought of Pinche and had a little cry because of course it was the anniversary of Wolfies operation. I really did believe that Pinches spirit helped Wolfie recover. Wolfie is getting old now and I am quite scared of how I am going to cope with losing him and being sure I make the right decisions for him. Maybe Pinche will guide me from the RB. I think of you often and hope you are well.


Jenny Hamish Macbeth & WOLFIE

Hi Gigi!

Glad to have you back! So wonderful to hear that Bubba is doing better and that you found out what he was doing that caused his health to deteriorate. Anyone who thinks animals do not grieve for their beloved pals are nuts! I have kept Bubba and you on my prayer list and I am glad I did.

Let not your heart be troubled any longer.


I was touched by the fact you included St Charbel's picture with Pinche for blessing.

As a Lebanese I have seen countless miracles of Saint Charble and it felt good to see another believer in him who is not Lebanese. I listen to your show mornings on Radiovisa "la mujer de mille respuestas" and I appreciate your compassion.


Dear Gigi and Bubba Dog,

I cried once again today when I read your update. I know how you both must miss Pinche. The anniversary of my Poochie's death is next month and even though it will be two years, I still miss him very much. Abby Girl has been a joy these last months, but still it will be a sad day.

I am so glad that you discovered Bubba's problem and he is doing better now. I guess dogs are like us in that when they suffer such a loss, they fear that others they love may leave and never come back. I have been very worried about him and am delighted to hear he is doing better.

It was good to hear from both will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

All the best,

Connie and Abby Girl

Hi Gigi,

Glad to hear from you. I have often wondered how you are doing. Nice to know you are still alive and well.

Mary Billman
Ortonville, Michigan

No Gigi it does not seem like a year since we shared your battle with Pinche's health and we wept together as I have done with you today! You are very eloquent!

Sending white light and healing to you - Bubba and to Dandan. big hugs and please let that wee dog know we understand and he is loved!

Big hugs girl - have put a gold band of protection around you all.

What was the outcome of your visit to hospital?

Have a Happy Easter and my prayers are with you!

Cassie and clare send gentle Beardie nudges!

Hi Gigi, Bubba-Dog and Pinche at the RB

Great to hear from you. Best wishes for a happy xmas and 2005.


Jenny Hamish Macbeth & WOLFIE

Hi Gigi

Thanks to you and Bubba Dog for your good wishes. Moppette and I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas and pass on our best wishes for health, happiness and prosperity in 2005. It was good to hear from you again. We were wondering how you are.

Marilyn and Moppette

What a lovely picture -he looks so happy- a great treasure.

New Zealand

OH Gigi, what a beautiful portrait of Pinche. I miss him too and think of him and you often.

I hope this email finds you doing as well as possible - hope that Bubba and DanDan are well also. We've missed you - but we understand your silence too. Write when you feel up to it - we're here for you.


Hi Gigi,

I have been wondering how you are, and Bubba....and the slipper. It was good to see some words from you after a long time. I feel sad for you and Bubba, knowing how much you both miss your boy.

The portrait of him is beautiful.

God Bless.


Hi sweetie,

Wherever the journey takes you is where you need to be. What a wonderful portrait, this is how I picture him to be now, with his toy and smiling just for you. This gift will last a lifetime.

I have one of Blaze my daughter had done for me -- now I need a wall to hang it on.

Collie hugs, Pam

Gigi, The pain is still raw, isn't it? It's been over 6 months for my Emma and I still feel the pain so often. It's a long, long journey. God bless!


Lynn Lazlo

Oh Gigi,

What a most awesome picture of Pinche!!! What a beautiful, beautiful boy!!!


My precious Angels in Heaven: Coon, Bear, Rusty, Kitty, Sam & Shilo and My wonderful Angels on Earth: Cody, Casey, Mercedes, Ding Dong, Mama,Bud & Brother,

Are you ever going to be able to tell of the day that he died? You told of the night before, but not that morning. It seems that the journey isn't finished for the rest of us until that can take place.

I hope the grief is lessening just a tiny bit.

Chenaya, in Portland

-- Up to now I haven't been able to bring myself to relive the pain but I promise that soon I will write about those last hours and all that happened. Thanks for asking and understanding -- Gigi

see gigi, he is right there by your side and always in your heart. you know it. he will never leave you and will forever keep you on your toes.

big hugs to all !

barbara, ginger & spike
oc & romeo r plyn @ the bridge


Amazing update!! That was one of the best, if not THE best entry to date. It must have been terribly hard to write, but you captured the magic of Pinche magnificently!!! While he was reading the update on a heavenly computer (yes, the Internet reaches heaven), Pinche got a little smile on his face, puffed out his chest, cocked his head a bit and added a strut to his walk. Bubba may be King on Earth, but today Pinche is King of the Clouds.



What a wonderful and caring person Stacey is. What a tribute to Pinche!

You know that he was everyone's dog, he was a bright and shining star, and we could hardly wait to get up and check our mail to see what was happening with him. His valiant fight gave us hope, and when we lost him, it left a hole in our hearts. You could not have spoken truer words that loving a little fur baby changes us and makes us able to give unconditionally. As soon as I read that, I remembered a story I had saved that really said it all:

Read this in a local Animal Rescue group newsletter. I cried but thought it is true.....

A Child's Wisdom

A four year old boy had to come to terms with why his beloved 10 year old dog with cancer had to die at so much an earlier age than humans die.

"Everyone is born so they can learn how to live a good life," the child began, "like loving everyone and being nice, right?", he asked.

"Well," he continued, "animals already know how to do that so they do not have to stay around so long."

-Author unknown....but wise


Dear Gigi

I'm really wondering if Pinche has somehow become reincarnated in Wolfies body! Yes, I am weird lol.

You know how Wolfie and Pinche were both in having treatment at the same time and Wolfie came home on the day Pinche left. Since Wolfie has been home and has made a full recovery, he has become really really naughty and playful. He keeps trying to play with Hamish who just tolerates him usually and he is very naughty! He comes and grabs things from me, like the stockings I was trying to put on this am and runs outside with them. He keeps shutting the door and locking me outside when I go out to take the rubbish etc.

Wolfie is 10 this year and was getting to be an old dog before all his recent drama. Now you would think he was half that age!

I'm just wondering whether Wolfie and Pinche have got together in spirit and are both having a lot of fun.


Jenny Hamish Macbeth & WOLFIE,

-- At this point, nothing would surprise me, Jenny! Plus, I think there is a little "Pinche" in every dog!

I thourghly enjoyed your site. Pinche was such a special dog. I can tell. May your heart heal soon.

Rosa Bennett

Hi Gigi,

I so hope you are feeling better. I am thinking of you everyday.

I looked at your website and all your beautiful pictures. Your job looks like such exciting fun. Please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing.

Again I want to thank you so very much for sharing Pinche with all of us.

He is and was such a beautiful boy. I wish I could have known him.


Sheila Medford

Hello Gigi

Just a note to let you know I've been thinking about you. I hope you are healing and just accepting your grief.

I also wondered how long you had been on the UPN station in LA. I lived in LA until early 2001 and did watch it on occassion. It's very different here in Cleveland but I am happy.

Take good care of yourself and Bubba,


PS: Pinche wouldn't have needed a calling card to reach you from where he is. I'm sure it was him!


I truly believe the answer to the question of WHY is simply "to teach us a life lesson". In every experience, there is a lesson to be learned.

You may not have even been the one to learn that lesson....perhaps Pinche's loss taught all of us who followed his story the importance of cherishing every moment with our furry friends, to never take them for granted, to appreciate the very precious gift they give to us....unconditional love.


I thoroughly enjoyed your site. Pinche was such a special dog. I can tell. May your heart heal soon.

Rosa Bennett

You need to write a book, write professionally, but just write. I don't know how many times I opened your link for the purpose of 'grabbing a few lines' to sort of get the jest of what is going on and find myself reading the whole thing. Your writing is hypnotic and a true gift. Don't lose it. Just run with it.

Ron & Caron Waltman

Sending you hugs and continued white light in your time of grief. It is never easy, but you did a special thing taking an elder into your heart. You and Bubba Dog are special.

Kris and bob the dog and daphne too.

hi mate, welcome back!! if you lost it then so did I! when Cara and Bob went - I still have Cassie and Clare but the house was so-oo empty!! and then Clare started doing Cara things - she had never before!

Cassie has also aged but she had those tumors removed and they were cancerous - but we are treating them homeopathically! just a wee note sending you big hugs and continuing white light and love!

hang in there - you and Bubba!

God Bless

New Zealand

as I look at Rueben my 11 yr old who just sired 2 litters of tri' and blue pups back in Nov, 03 I look into his eyes and see an old man. he was never a house dog, hated the house, pee'd in a corner, marked it his and left to go back out with the rest of the crew and the cats.

Today he is now retired, in the house all the time, and begging for toast, esp with peanut butter.

so I watch with bated breath, as he breaths slower and deeper. I don't want to face this again, so many... so short a life for so much love.

I hope my guys that have gone before were there to greet Pinche.

collie hugs, Pam

Pinche is walking with St. Francis having rolled off God's bed.

Love and licks from Stanley in New Zealand and his human Meryl

Welcome back, we missed you

Kris and bob the dog and daphne tooo

Bless you GiGi. I am still praying for you. Grief is a painful journey and even though others travel the road with us, our grief is unique to us and no one else (except God) can carry that burden for us. I look forward to reading your updates. (It’s been six months since Emma left me and my heart still squeezes at the thought of her and tears still flow – like now!)

God bless, GiGi.

Love, Lynn Lazlo


You truly do have an incredible way with putting your dog's lives onto paper. You think so much as they do....Welcome back.


Dear Gigi and Bubba-Dog,

You are in my thoughts and prayers always. I know the pain and emptiness you are both feeling, and my heart goes out to you. My special daily prayers include one for your pain to ease.

I finally had a chance to read Pinche's updates. We've had family visiting this last week. Gigi, I have been where you are. I put cold stuff in the oven, and warm stuff in the fridge, and clothes in the dishwasher. My mind just would not function properly.

I was a lost soul looking for my lost soulmate. Everything else became unimportant. My aching heart would not stop. The sharp pains of loss got worse and worse. The tears I shed could flood our town. Oh, I know, I know, and I hurt for you so much. I wish for you to heal quickly, but I know that it will not happen. Healing takes time and good friends who care and truly understand your loss. I've heard that the depth of our pain is related to the depth of our love. That makes sense to me.

I have SEEN Lacy in our home since she went to Rainbow Bridge. She comes every once in awhile to check on me, and I DO believe she send Joey to help ease my pain. I'm sure that Pinche comes to check on you and to see if you have any milkbones laying around that he can grab and eat. He will never leave you completely. He is a part of you, and his spirit is by your side always.

Have you ever read the poem: "I Stood By Your Bed Last Night"? If not, I would like to send it to you. It was such a comfort to me during the darkest hours of my life.

With love, caring, and concern,



Plz post the "Pinche Encounters" on the dogblog. No one will think you have "lost it".

I would love to see how similar yours are to mine.


Dear Gigi

I've been thinking of you alot and wondering how you are going and hoping that you are ok. I think of Pinche everyday and look forward to meeting him when it is my turn to go to the bridge.




Your journal of Pinche was so inspiring to me. Of all the journals of any dogs I have ever read, yours is the best. It shows the love you had for Pinche, which compares to the love I feel for my babies. I know someday I will be forced to face what you are facing now. Most people don't understand the love we have for these animals. What they don't really understand is that they are not animals to us, but our babies. I understand the love you have for Pinche. I am thinking of you at this time and thank you so much for adding my journal to Pinche's website, this was so very kind of you.


Dearest Gigi:

We love you much and we will say prayers for you and for Pinche.

Faun and Pom Pom

What great news...well except for the "wallet" (been there, Gigi).

Continuing to pray,


Hi Gigi,

I read Pinche's update last night. Sounds like he doesn't really mind going to the treatments. I guess somehow he knows that he must have them. Of course, Joey and I send our love, prayers, and white light to you and the boys. Tell Pinche that he's 1/4 of the way home for now. Only 16 more to go.


Dear Gigi,

Wonderful news about Pinche! What a fighter he is!!! He will continue to be in our prayers, sounds like they are helping him get through all of this!!

Roberta, Angel Coon & The Gang in Colorado

I only want to say that I admire your dedication and love for pinche.

Your friends,

Alfonso, Rex - westie - Alan -Yorkie- Taby -Airdale

Hi Gigi!

Been praying for Pinche and it is so nice to hear that he is on the mend. There is still a journey ahead but that seems to be a mere bump in the road (I'm not talking finances!) compared to what he has been through. You sound as if you are holding up pretty well but I bet if you had a chance you would welcome a big old collapse on a feather bed for a couple of days! Take care of yourself!


Lynn Lazlo

Hi -

My pug had been done this same road. Gin did fine with the treatments. She did not get a "hot spot" but the skin did turn black in that area & the fur never grew back. But - a very small price to pay.

I will be praying for your boy & you.


Dearest Gigi,

Hello and thank you so very very much. Words just cannot describe how very special I felt to see my "boy's" pix on your site. You truly do have a way with words. I usually do also but when it comes to writing about my little angel, for some reason I just get so torn up inside and stop. Thank you thank you so much again. You are so very sweet.

And Pinche my little one.....please make it smoothly through this radiation business and keep me posted. Sounds like you may have had your first treatment as I was flying home from the West Coast. I did say many prayers for you as we were up in the air. Hope some of them came true.

You both are always in my thoughts and prayers.....


Aunt and kisses to big Bubba....

Gigi...thanks for the very "special" tribute to my angel.....

Oh that's wonderful he can stay at home while having his treatment, that must be a relief. Good luck for Monday, we will be thinking of you both.


Jenny Hamish Macbeth & Wolfie

Hi Gigi:

As always, more white light, thoughts, and prayers to Pinche. Hope the radiologist has good news.


You bet, Gigi!

More Hugs from me for what is still "a long road" ahead.


Hi Pinche and Gigi

this is just a quick note to let you know that white light and prayers continue to flow your way. They have worked so far and we know that they will continue to do so. How could it be any other way?

Marilyn and Moppette

Gigi- I'm lighting a candle and sending up prayers for you and Pinche. I just went through something similar with my best friend, Candi ( 10 y/o, almost poodle) and lost her. I think about her everyday and will keep you and Pinche in my thoughts and prayers also.

Blessings, Jeri
New Jersey

We will be thinking of you and Pinche, paws crossed.

Hugs and xxx

Jenny Hamish Macbeth & Wolfie

Hi Gigi and Pinche,

We were happy to receive an update on Pinche's progress. Bet it feels good to have those staples out and not to have to worry about dire rears! We hope all goes well at your visit to the doctor tomorrow - sending our thoughts and white light your way that your radiologist close to home will be able to help you.

The Windheath Beardies & mom Lois

Hi Gigi,

Praying your vet can do something closer to home. Good luck to both of you, and Bubbadog too.

Collie wishes and hugs,


White light and lots of crossed paws that Pinche will be able to get his radiation treatments near you. For those of us living in Northern California I think we tend to take nearby UC Davis for granted a little too often.

Rosanne and Zoe
Oakland, CA

We are raising our milk bones to you Pinche and our momma wants to send you your own new personalized scarf. If you can get your momma to send her snail mail addy momma will make it right away and send it in the snail mail. We think you should have a new scarf that is imported from Canada, containing lots and lots of white light to help with the treatments. You are a true survivor and any neardie that makes us proud to know him deserves a bit of recognition when he goes for a walk.

Rogue, Tygh and baby River, and their momma Liz

I take Rimadyl I eat mine like sweeties.

Mummy human says about the big bill "peanuts in comparison of the love and devotion a dog can give"

keep healing love Stanley X

Yea he is home!! Welcome home Pinche!!

From a friend,

Los Angeles, CA

Wonderful news I am so glad that he is home again!

Jo and the furballs

Hi Gigi...

Glad to hear Pinche is home and feeling well!!!

Spring is on the way and better times ahead!!


Marie and Mia

That?s great gigi !!!!!

I?m really happy for you and Pinche, now you?ll enjoy more together.

Lots of love for you and Pinche

Have fun!!!!! and lots of hugs!

Astrid & Ana

Does this mean an "El Pollo Loco" family feast tonight? Glad to hear that Pinche is home and on the road to recovery.

Take Care All

Steven and the Gang
Pahrump, Nevada

Yea, Whoppee, Bark, bark, bark. These are the sounds coming from my house to your house. It was really funny when I read your e-mail to the Lowchens. I don't think they really understood but Rory started barking and the rest started running from room to room. Maybe they did understand or maybe they just picked up on my happy tone. So happy for you and for Pinche. Upward and Onward!


Hi Gigi,

I am writing this with tears in my eyes because I just read through Pinche's story again. I hope he and Bubba are both feeling better every day.

With prayers,


Hang in there buddy, keep the teeth for slippers, bones etc, humans are useful for providing yummy eating treats...

love Stanley in New Zealand

Gigi, How is your adorable Pinche doing? What a sweetheart - I am praying for him.

I live in Canada and lost my pomeranian 2 weeks ago and am now stuck with a horrendous bill. Many prayer members prayed for me and Rusty but he passed away only 2 weeks after being diagnosed with a mass on his liver. He stopped eating and kept vomiting but thankfully he passed away at home. I am still grieving and he is greatly missed by my husband and daughter also.

I will continue praying for Pinche. It just seems unfair that these innocent companions have to suffer when all they do is love us and bring joy to our lives.


Gigi - prayers are going up from us! On Wednesday, I'm going to a sweat at the reservation (a new weekly habit). My friends just lost their beloved dog of 15 years, so they will be singing a song of "traveling" for her; I'll ask that they sing a song of hope and healing for Pinche. It's a beautiful and ancient tradition that I love being a part of. It's so spiritual!



Just checked in to see how your fellow is feeling. Sounds like he is doing great - just a little cranky!!!! He wants out of that place !!!!


Hi Gigi,

I'm sorry to hear that Pinche is biting. He's probably very sore and irritable right now. I know I would be! Glad he liked his special dinner last night, and I hope Dan Dan's finger is okay.

Keep all of us posted on how the wonder boy is doing.

We care!


I am glad to hear the good news.

God bless.


Wow! We continue to send White Light & Prayers for a speedy recovery.


Wendy Mitchell, Doc & Ferlie

Oh Gigi,

How wonderful that surgery went well---7 1/2 pounds is a lot of weight on the poor boy's back! Now, I will be praying that his recovery is quick and complete and that he tolerates radiation very well and that it all keeps him tumor and cancer free the rest of his life.

Roberta, Angel Coon & The Gang in Colorado


Such great news! He is a fighter (and so are you). And we will be with you on the prayer train for the rest of the journey! May the Lord bless you abundantly in your extraordinary stewardship of Pinche! You are special!


Lynn Lazlo


I am so glad to hear that Pinche is recovering. I will pray for a speedy one, and that he can get back home real soon.



P.S. Enjoyed the dog blog! :-)

I will keep Pinche in my prayers. God Bless. K

The best news ever :)

big slobbery XXXXX's from Stanley dog and sedate XXXXX's

from Meryl xx
New Zealand

Hi Gigi,

Oh my goodness....7 pounds! Poor old guy. I wouldn't want to carry a 7 pd weight on my back. It must have been awful for him. We are having a Lowchen bark off for him right now. Never know how much it helps but we sure know it doesn't hurt (except maybe my ear drums)..

Hang in there Pinche.


Hi Gigi

So glad to hear that Pinche came through yet another surgery successfully! 7 1/2 lbs, wow! Poor guy . . . .

We'll continue to send lots of white light - he's a very special boy!

Lakotah! & Cheyenne


Big sighs and a very big grin.

Hugs for you and your babies,



he is so brave, what a relief to have it over


Jenny and the boys

We have been following Pinche's story since January and continue to send white light and all the best for his recovery and return home to all of you.

Rosanne and Zoe Latte
Oakland, CA


I'm so glad it is over. These steps must feel like tiny ones when you have so much to deal with but they are really huge steps. Hugs to all and extra white light for Pinche to heal!!!

Megg and the beardies three

7.5 pounds ---- wow!

OMG! That was huge.

Best of luck on the next leg of the journey! White light continues.


Gigi & Pinche,

We are happy to hear that Pinche came through the surgery well. We continue to send white light for a speedy recovery.

Lois & the beardies

Good Morning

It is just 8:30 am here in Toronto and the first thing I did this morning was go to Pinche's website to check on his surgery. Wow what good news !!! You must be so relieved and exhausted after such an emotionally-draining day. Now (as long as they didn't leave any sponges) he should be on the way to good health. Poor guy carrying around a 7 pound tumour on his back. He'll feel like a pup again.

Give him a hug for us and tell him that we have sent another big white light pillow to make his recovery rest quick and comfortable,.

Keep us posted.

Marilyn and Moppette

Tons more white light & prayers coming for Pinche. And may the warm, healing white light surround him as he goes through his surgery & his recovery. It is a tough journey for him and we hope he heals quickly.

Irene,Trooper & Duncan

You are one amazing lady - every time I read the new blog updates it's like I'm living the experience. What a way you have with words.

God be with you and pinche (and bubba) today for yet another successful day.


Dear Pinche:

We need you around... so recover from your surgery quickly so mommy will be very happy! And then, you can run and play again and pee pee all over the house... just like the good ole days :-)

We love you Pinche!

Christmas lights are gleaming for you!


Auntie Cyndey-Sue

I pray that Pinche's surgery will be a complete success, followed by an easy recovery. I have prayed for God to give you strength at this difficult time. God Bless you.

No name

Gigi, Pinche, & Doggie family;

I will be keping the whole family in my thoughts (hey Pinche you will be great! Your Doc already proved this to me you are here & I have faith in the Doc! Smile my doggie friend :-) Mommy will be there with you and your whole doggie family & other friends are pulling for you).


Hang in the little have to be ok. Please.....I will talk to you when you are back home with Mom and Bubba. Good luck tomorrow. For the Doctor who is doing Pinche's right by Pinche. We need him around....


Aunt Paula


The pictures of Pinche in the park are great -- he looks so happy! And I envy you the nice weather to go to a park! I will be praying for Pinche to get through his surgery tomorrow and hope that he will be home in your arms as soon as he can be.

God Bless,


Please know that our white light, comforting and healing prayers continue regardless. We're there for you both as long as you need us.

Please give Pinche a gentle hug from us.

Hugs and wooooooos,

Barbara and the Conley Beardies

Cassie Clare and I send you loving thoughts white light and much much healing!! You both have been through so-o-o much! God Bless!

New Zealand

Darling Pinche, travel gently and safely on your healing journey.


Stanley dog and his human Meryl in New Zealand

Hi Gigi,

Sounds like Pinche had a veritable feast yesterday. Good for him. We all need to be pampered occasionally, but with all Pinche has been through, he really deserved it! Our thoughts, prayers, and lots of white light are on the way. Pinche, you beat this thing, okay? We know you're famous now, and all your adoring fans want you to come home soon, minus one aggravating lump on your back.

Gigi, what a wonderful Mom you are. Pinche and Bubba are lucky they found you!

Take care and keep us posted!

Nita and Joey in Florida

P.S. - Did Bubba get his own website??? :)

-- No, Bubba will have to be happy with having his pictures on Pinche's site. I can only handle one star at a time! ;-)

Sending more white light to Pinche from Daphne who also knows what suffering is and is tired of health issues.

Love and light from Florida.

Daphne dog and bob the dog

A TON of White Light being sent from us to this brave boy and his Mom.

Corliss & The Boyz

You are an old experienced boy at this stuff, lots of white light coming but you won't need it you will be fine. Give all the doctors and nurses a big kiss like beardie/neardie's do.


I love your website, Gigi, and I know it was God's idea for you to do it! What an incredible testimony it is to the power of prayer! Keep the faith, dear friend!


Lynn Lazlo

What GREAT news!!! Our good thoughts will keep coming for Pinche.

Chris & Beth
Fountain Valley, CA


You and Pinche have not left my prayers since you first requested them. God is faithful and He is good and he's crazy about all of us!

Lord, we thank you for Pinche's and Gigi's journey through these health problems and we thank you for your faithfulness in never leaving us. We come before your throne to ask that Pinche's tumor be contained and easily removed and that his recovery will be swift. We leave this in your hands, dear Lord and we accept your will. Amen


Lynn Lazlo

Hi Pinche and Gigi

We are all smiles here after reading your good news. Believe me that white light is still around in abundance and heading your way. We're still thinking of you. By the way mom do you know what the grand total is so far? We shudder to think.

Moppette and Marilyn

-- The grand total spent so far is $6,727.34

Tell that cat to leave the dog alone !! It's good to hear that the CAT scan went well, with luck Pinche will be tumorless shortly and get back to living the laid back doggie lifestyle again. I'll keep him in my thoughts and prayers.

New Hampshire


I just knew you could do it. Hang in there "little miracle pup." Gigi, don't ever never stop dreaming. That is when it all ends....

We'll all be praying for our special little Pinche to pull through this. When do you think he will be back home with you and Bubba again? Monday...check in , then back home??


-- I haven't asked the doctors yet although I imagine he'll be in the hospital at least until Wednesday.

Hurray, and see, we told you! I love to say I TOLD YOU SO when it's about something wonderful like this. Hugs to Pinche for me.


this is wonderful news, may the surgery be easy on him and you, collie prayers and some for you too, take it easy Gigi, rest when you can, prayers answered are good ones,

collie hugs Pam

Wonderful news! Let's get this thing out before it does decide to attach to something! As with the kidney, we will hope again for "benign." You know, reading through your story, all along I think Pinche decided he was going to beat the odds and be with you for quite a while longer. He has many more milk bones and hot dogs to eat, and he has to watch over you and Bubba. He has a purpose in life, and he's not giving up! With all you've done for him, I think he's so fortunate to have such a caring Mama.

Will be waiting for updates on Monday and especially Tuesday! We can't be there in person, Pinche, but we are there with you in spirit!

Love, prayers, white light, and a bunch of hugs,

Nita and Joey in Florida

Sending lots of white light to the brave Pinche. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Kris and bob the dog and daphne too

Hi Again,

So happy to receive the news about Pinche. The Lowchen's and I just had a whooppee bark session. Kelsey the Beardie, wouldn't join us. She says she knew it all along!

Now for the next big step. We will continue to have our barkoffs daily till his surgery is over and then some.

Mary and the Canine Crew

Hey, great! ...sending hugs to the little fella.



I will absolutely be keeping your baby in my prayers for the next surgery!!! That is just wonderful news about the tumor not being attached -- Praise The Lord!!

Roberta, Angel Coon & The Gang in Colorado

We're all dreaming and praying with you.


We're all glad to hear that here. Wonderful news!

Steven and the Gang
Pahrump, Nevada


My thoughts, prayers and good wishes are floating across the country to you and Pinche. The Lowchen just had a bark off but we won't be able to do that again till tomorrow as I have a grouchy neighbor so I try to keep them quiet after dark.

Best of luck.

Mary and the Canine Crew

Sending our prayers.

No name

Hi Gigi

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and that we are sending white light. Moppette and I both are crossing paws, tails, fingers and toes and sending puppy prayers, good thoughts and "buena vibra". We will be thinking of you both to-morrow. After the results of the last surgery this can't be anything but good. You have spent a fortune - financial and even more than that, emotional.

Great big, soft pillows of white light are on the way to give you both a good night's sleep in preparation for to-morrow's big day.

Do keep us posted.

Moppette and Marilyn

Please know I am praying for Pinche. God Bless you.

No name

Hi Gigi

We'll keep on sending you & Pinche white lights until his ordeal is completely over. We'll also be keeping our fingers and paws crossed tomorrow.

Christine, Steen & Aladdin

Stanley dog and Meryl send lots of healing love ( aroha ) and prayer,

New Zealand

I will pray all is well. So sorry he has to go through this.

God bless


Hi I just wanted you to know I will continue to pray for your sweet Pinche for healing and comfort. God Bless you and your sweet furbaby.


Puppy prayers and tons of white light coming his way!!!


Lakotah! & Cheyenne

Hi -

Prayers are being said for both of you from North Carolina. I always pray especially to St. Francis for the care of our Beloved Pets. Please keep us posted.


North Carolina

Sending White Light for Pinche that the tumor will be easy to remove.

Julie, Lucy, Kizzy & Tippz
United Kingdom

Lots and lots of prayers and white light to both of you.

Susan & Tyler (11 year old Beardie receipient of the famous BDL white light - so he likes to "give back!")
Burlington, Ontario - Canada

The cat scan results will be what you want, all the white light that has and is being sent is helping make this happen. Pinche deserves to have some good results for being so determined to get well.

Hugs to you


And on it goes for the two of you.

More prayers for a successful surgery again.Give Pinche an extra hug from me and a hug from Quigley, our 6 month old and very affectionate big boy, as well.


We will have Pinche, your family, and his entire medical team in our prayers tonight. We look forward to hearing good news from you tomorrow!


Lisa, Belle & Oliver (Beardies, Chance (N'Otterhound), Derby (AussieX) and the three Pyr Chicks, CeeCee, Sophie, and Taffy
West Palm Beach, FL

We will keep very good thoughts that all will go well for Pinche tomorrow- these things are very tough!


Sending you both white light, prayers and whole bunch of luck.

Beardie Hugs,

Jane and the Barkark Crew

PS I've had two melon size tumors removed from me, I know how that feels!!

prayers are still going your way, and I do hope that it's not attached to anything and can be easily removed. you got all the white light I can send too, good luck tomorrow,

collie hugs Pam

Hi Gigi:

As always, you three (Bubba's in this, too) are in my thoughts and prayers. I was going to write you this afternoon to let you know I'll be thinking about Pinche tomorrow. He's a tough little guy, and I'm sure he will meet this challenge as boldly as he did the kidney operation. Instead of concentrating on the word "benign" this time, Joey and I will concentrate on "not attached." Let all of us know whenever you can. Pinche has been an inspiration to us.

Go get 'em, Pinche!

Love you all,



I will be saying special prayers for Pinche tonight, that the tumor has not attached itself to anything and that it can be removed safely and completely.

Roberta, Angel Coon & The Gang in Colorado

Good luck and white light coming your way!


Hi Gigi, Pinche, and Bubba:

Pinche looks so happy with his box of milk bones. What a nice person to send those to him! Hope all is well, and will be thinking about my little 4-footed friend on Wednesday. (And his 2-footed Mom!)


hi Gigi, what a nice woman and cop. I know he enjoyed his treats, he looks happy. that's always nice to see. hope this week is a great one,

collie hugs Pam

Gigi and Pinche...

My goodness....I don't know why but just looking at that smile has brought me to tears. Listen Pinche...I don't know what it is about you, but you hang in there.

I can totally relate to what your mama and you are going through right now and I only wish my little boy had an option -- even just only one option....I know he would have chosen that path.

You are a very special strong willed little man and you know how much Mom and Bubba want you around, so you just hang on for a while longer and please make sure that mom gives you at least one cookie a day. If and when you return back to the vets always know the cookies will be there when you get home. I know my little Toby liked them more then Milkbones. He told me they have a unique and different sort of flavor. Let me know when you run out and make sure to throw Bubba one when you are in a good mood. Pinche....thanks so much for the beautiful smile you are too cute for words. Your new friend and best buddy....Paula

The white light has not stopped -- everyday we send more and keep Pinche in our thoughts.


Hi Gigi:

Thoughts, prayers, and white light to your radio caller. You gave her the best advice ever: Don't give up! Please let us know if you hear back from her.

Who knows, maybe Pinche had to go through all this so he could be an inspiration to all of us. He never gave up! We could learn so much from these little "furry" humans if we would just take the time to watch and listen.

Sending Pinche a "yard" of hot dogs (3-foot-longs) hehe. Hang in there little one! The last hurdle is coming, and you can handle it!


Out here in Oregon we LOVE you both. Thank you for keeping us posted.


Betsy and the Bearded Collies

To Pinche from all of us. We eagerly read your journal and send powerful healing prayers your way. Since our Monty is a cancer survivor, he understands these things much better than we mere humans. Bless you for all you are doing for this very special pooch.

Barbara, Panda, Tillie and Monty

Northern California

Hi Gigi,

I was glad to hear that, in the end, Pinche's surgery went well and that he is on the mend. I went through a similar experience many years ago. My prayers are with you and Pinche for a successful surgery to remove the tumor on his back. I'll keep checking in to see how things are going.

The Dog Blog is a great site and I assume a good release for you to be able to express your feelings and thoughts.

Take care,

Doug C.
New Hampshire

What great news! The kids are all cheering for are the many, many pets in the house! I've enjoyed the website. It's a great idea and judging from all the e-mails you're getting it's quite popular.

Sharon M.
Greenfield, Wisconsin

Hi Gigi:

Glad Sponge-Dog is still improving. Sending that pillow of white light really seemed to help -- what a GREAT idea! The surgeons are not waiting long before they want to operate on him again. Guess they know what's best. And I know Pinche will be glad to have that extra weight off his back. Have they done tests on it yet? Or, will they wait until they remove it?

As always you, Sponge-Dog, and Bubba are in our thoughts and prayers.


Nita in Florida

pinche needs a streak of good luck now. he has put up with so much

we are rooting for him!

no name

Great news to hear Gigi. I have been reading the blog often; it's almost like reading a dramatic novel. I hope there is a happy ending to all this; it has certainly brought a lot of support your way, and I think you know you are not alone in all this.

Take care,



I'm very touched by your story. I'm very glad to know that you love him so much. My prayers are with you and Pinche's journey.

I would like you to know that you are as strong as Pinche, The love you have for him is shown in your documentation of his Journey. I too have had many challenges and my dogs have helped keep me strong.

It was an honor to read your Journey and I look forward to the bouncing boy being back on his feet very soon. Thanks for sharing. Remember you are a very strong lady!!! You are doing Great!!!!

Sincerely, Micheal in IL

Gidget (yorkie-poo) says hey to Pinche! She is so glad to see her fellow pooch, aka sponge dog fur pants doing well.

Gooo Pinche.........

Love, Gidget (and family,Joan,Jim etc)


The special cookies will be in the mail shortly. As soon as I can shovel out of all this white stuff here. I am sure you and your brother will love them.

Hope today is better then yesterday....

Take care little one,


Healing love from 'down under' New Zealand.

Stanley dog and his human Merylx


He seems to be on his way to getting back to his normal self---I am thanking the Lord for answering those prayers. Keep up the good work Pinche.

Roberta, Angel Coon & The Gang in Colorado

What a precious baby!

I'm happy to hear Pinche is doing so much better and look forward to hearing he is ALL better soon!

I have sent this on to the Prayers for Pets email list.



To Sponge Bob and His Mommy,

I sincerely hope that this long journey with Pinche will be over soon, because I believe that One just can bear a reasonable amount of Pain and stress at the time , and all this situation that both of you went through is almost unbelievable .I hope truly for the best for both of you.

Blessed be.


Liane Legey

I just love that saying "a pillow of white light" -- what a comforting thought! Have checked the diary and as always sending white light to you, the lad and bubba. Forgive my question as you probably did say - but what is Bubba?

Praying for continued improvement!

New Zealand

That is good news that Pinche is on the way to good health. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

God Bless. K

The story was beautiful. I will continue to pray that the happy ending continues. Keep us updated. I have a beautiful little tabby rescue. He loves me and vice versa....but he will not let many others get near him...except his "brother" a Persian named Clancy. I identified and sniffled through the I love him but it took a while to like him part of your story. Love to you and milk bones to Pinche.


Ya know Girlfriend... I am starting to wonder if Pinche' is smarter than we think and is just creating all of this for a little TLC along with a few extra milk bones.

In all seriousness though... I am glad that he is home and is happy. I feel bad for Bubba because he really has no concept of what is going on... but I bet he just jumped for joy when he saw his pal back :-)

I'm not worried at all about the other tumor. After all, I've got my Christmas lights on!



It would be an honor to pray for Pinche. Please keep us posted on his progress and recovery.

God bless you.

No Name

So Glad to hear that Pinche is home and being his doggy self! I just caught up with all of your news and the results are wonderful! More white light streaming in all the time.

Jo and the fuzzbutts.

Gigi, I haven't had a chance to write before this, but Pinche is on my white light list. I'm also a vet tech (second career after retiring as an Air Force meteorologist), so I'm following his story on two levels.... as a dog lover and as a veterinary staff member. We'll continue to send white light.

Take care,

Cindy Mendonca
Cynamen Bearded Collies

Yeah he is home :-)

Welcome Home Pinche -- rest my friend!

You rest also Gigi I know there is more to complete but I believe he will be fine! You have great DR's. :-)

Thoughts & all are with you



I knew you would do it. I just knew your mom and Bubba needed you back ! You are one special guy and and always remember "AGE IS JUST A NUMBER ON PAPER". You go boy.........

My toby used to enjoy milkbones to the first degree, but now I have come across something new at a new store here in New England. They look like little figures and are brown in color but taste like peanut butter. From what I have seen the neighbors pups LOVE them. I woud love to send a box of them as a special gift for the special PINCHE and his brother BUBBA. If this is allright with you, to what address could I send a box? I guarantee they are healthy and the pups will LOVE THEM.

Take care,


Wonderful wonderful news, white light still flowing your way. Good dog

Pinche, you are amazing.


I will pray for Pinche.


wonderful news, lets hope he continues to get better. poor baby has been through so much. keeping the prayers going for the next one. and for the brave little dog and you.

God Bless, Pam

Hi GiGi and Pinche, We are so glad that Pinche got though the surgery

ok, still sending more whitelight for the rest.

Nick & Pat....Hanna

Yehhhhhhhhhhh, what a brave boy he is! Hugs and kisses to all 2 & 4 legged and a special gentle snuggle for the brave Pinche boy.



Stopped by your site and caught up on his surgeries. So very glad he is doing so well and your doctors are awesome!

White light has helped my guys in the past and I'm a believer.

Hugs to all, Megg and the beardies three

Hi Gigi

I love this new habit of waking up to good news., I was just thrilled to see your message with its upbeat subject line. I'm sure that Pinche and Bubba are happy to be reunited. Keep up your good work Pinche and enjoy that tile floor. That's a Beardie thing :-) Do keep us posted on your progress and keep up the good fight.

Yeah Pinche !!!!


Draper and Moppette

WOW.....Whoppee...Hurrah.....Great! So happy to hear he's home. Give him a hug for me. Must have been the Lowchen confab. Let us know when the next surgery is and we'll have another "bark confab".


Hi, Gigi:

Great, Great News! I just read the latest update and I'm so glad he's home and WALKING! Must have been the dreaded sponge after all. Glad the doctor's are giving you somewhat of a break. But, I know you would have spent whatever necessary to take care of the little guy. (Been there, done that.)

Concerning his sleeping on the tile, he and Lacy had something in common there. She had a big fluffy blanket on the floor in our bedroom. Every night at bedtime, she would "make her bed" (scratching, snorting, and huffing) and then go sleep on the tile in the hall! Sometime during the night, she would come in and get on her blanket. Guess the tile is cool on their bellies.

Joey sends love and special doggie thanks that Pinche is home.

Prayers for a fast, fast recovery.


we are so happy for you! healing wishes to pinche!

no name

GREAT, WONDERFUL, THANK doG!!!!!!! Enjoy today, a nice quite day with all family present.

Jennifer, Ki and Q in AZ

Good deal! And walking fairly well?


-- Walking perfectly! Obviously he's sore and tired but his hind legs are up and he's walking along normally. Thanks for asking.


Much white light and prayers to you and Pinche.


Gigi, your honest and creative journaling is to be commended. How refreshing to meet a "real person", especially nowadays.

I hope you and Pinche have many, many more special times together; but if for some reason that isn't in God's Plan, then you must realize that you and he already have had so much that most don't even get to experience.

What a pleasure to go to your website and get to know you a little better.

Beardie hugs, Elaine

Yehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - we'll be thinking of you both and sending white light and crossing all fingers and paws


Jenny Hamish Macbeth & Wolfie

I will gladly say a prayer for Pinche's healing.

God Bless,


As longtime pet-owners we bet anything he will be up and walking today. No matter how small the sponge was or that doctors will tell you it was unrelated, it cannot have been comfortable for him to walk with it. I applaud your attitude towards the doctor. Your vet is blessed to have such an understanding client. As is Pinche also to have such a caring mom.

Hugs and prayers,

John and Jessica
New York, NY


Who knew that one little word - BENIGN - could be such GREAT news! I am so happy for you and Pinche. So sorry that Pinche had to undergo another surgery. Maybe the sponge was the reason he was having trouble walking. It really amazes me how wonderful people can be in times of stress and sorrow. Little did you realize that Pinche had fans all around the world. I've found that people who love animals have a "special something" about them. I can't explain it, but their feelings seem to go deeper than those who do not love animals.

Much more white light, thoughts and prayers on the way to you both!


First, let me say your latest news on Pinche is VERY encouraging. Although his age is not in his favor with these surgeries, as you say, he's a fighter. I am sending many positive thoughts, white light, and prayers your way!!!

I love your website, although it creates mixed emotions. Being a long-time pet owner and occasional rescuer of the homeless, I've been where you are. I appreciate the $$$ entries. Been there, too. I could be wealthy were it not for all my veterinary expenses through the years. :-) But I wouldn't have it any other way.

I've had a dog with a brain tumor, another with a kidney tumor (not actually renal cancer), another with Wobblers' Syndrome, a cat with a stricture in her esophagus.........all requiring surgeries or specialty medical treatment and much funding. The cat had to have an external feeding tube to her stomach, with a little sweater she had to wear to protect it. She was so good about it all. She was a stray who found me 19 years ago and is still going strong.

Best of luck, and I'll check back often!!! Pinche and Bubba are the cutest!

Merlin, Indy, Tabitha, Ashley, and Momcat

I'm sorry to hear about Pinche's condition and I am praying for him. I have also prayed for God to give you strength at this difficult time. I looked at the pictures on your website - you have a beautiful four-legged family. God Bless you.

No name

Hang in there today. We're all doing our thing here for Pinche and you. Your bills must be the size of a war debt. Please take care and we still have everything crossed here.

Steven and the Gang
Pahrump, Nevada

Dog-gone-it. I've got my got my milk bones crossed along with a few prayers and positive thoughts.


Thru misty happy eyes I'm so happy for you and Pinche. This is one incredible story. It shows your wonderful journalistic ability. But more importantly the love of a human and a dog and that strength, courage, love and prayer is so powerful.

This is better than a 20/20 moment! So when do we see the repeat episode with a personal appearance with Barbara Walters?

With Pinche's bounceback ability, he'll be back to those milkbones real soon - hope you left a stash at the Vets!

Prayers will continue.



Everytime I read the "good update" it makes me cry.

I really think (as many of us do) you are really an angel. That doctor has to thank God for your kindness and nice way of reacting. I think "Pinche" will survive (like the song) only because of all our prayers "and your positive attitude" towards every result you get from the vet.

Just to let you know that all the people that are expecting good news, are praying...................Ivanna and mom

So glad to hear that!!! I felt so worried and scared when I read your earlier e-mail...We are all pulling for you and Bubba too....



What good news to wake up to !! The news that the tumor was benign brought tears of relief to my eyes. I have been thinking about the sponge having been left behind and was at first mentally berating the surgeon while admiring your calm acceptance. As I thought more about it, however, I realized that if the surgeon hadn't confessed to his error he could well have gone on acting innocent saying that he was looking for yet another problem. He must be an honest person in whom you can place your trust and faith. As you said we are all human and mistakes do happen. It takes a bigger person to own up to these mistakes.

Prayers, white light and hugs are on their way as we await the news of Pinche's return home to you and Bubba.

Moppette and Marilyn

Gigi, so glad Pinche is doing well. I hope they didnt make you pay to get out the sponge they left in. Grrrrr, poor dog had to go thru it again because of them. Oh well, my love to all of you and your pets.


Dear Gigi & Pinche,

What an absolute cutie!!!! I've asked the Lord to please hold Pinche in His loving and healing hands and to please help Pinche's body have the strength he needs to fight this cancer. I've asked Him to please help Pinche's quality of life be good for as long as he remains here with you. I've asked Him to please just keep Pinche being a happy boy and acting like his normal self. I've asked the Lord to please hold you in His comforting and peaceful arms and to please let you draw close to Him as you and Pinche travel down this road. I've asked Him to help guide your decisions about Pinche so that you can do what is best for him. I will continue to hold you and Pinche close to my heart and in my prayers.

I understand the battle with cancer, I just lost my beloved Coon to mast cell cancer on 12/23/03. So, you keep fighting Pinche and we will be praying that you win this battle completely.

Roberta, Angel Coon & The Gang in Colorado

Oh, poor Pinche. We'll be thinking of him and wrapping him in loads of white light, as well as keeping our fingers and paws crossed.

Christine, Steen & Aladdin

I have just read your story - I am praying so very hard for the two of you. I had a pug with mast cell cancer - she had surgery & radiation & did well for another 6 yrs.

Have you considered a good holistic vet to use in conjunction with the present vet? Please read about vascustatin AKA binweed - this works very well in reducing the size of tumors.


Hi Gigi,

The Lowchen and I just had a confab and sent white light and many barks to Pinche. Glad no one was around or they would have thought we all had lost our minds. I'm so glad to hear the tumor is benign. And I think your attitude toward the sponge and the doctor is great. We are all humans and can and do make mistakes. On the bright side, good thing it was a sponge and not a scalpel!

Thanks for keeping us posted. Beardie people are a cut above. They are caring and loving just as are the Beardies. I have been raising dogs for 38 years now and it is interesting to see the different types of people that are drawn to different breeds. I don't think you could have found a more caring bunch than the Beardie folks.


The white light keeps flowing and today he will be up and about, I feel it, maybe it was just the discomfort that made him act that way. Hang in there.


OMG Gigi, what wonderful news! Not cancer! Hugs to you both.



What wonderful news! I'm thrilled for both you and Pinche. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the other tumor gets taken care of and your poor wonder dog lives out his years cancer free.


Yippeeee Pinche way to go and keep getting better!

Bob the dog

Dear Pinche

You are one very special little man. I pray now for your speedy recovery every day. I cannot believe some of the very unhumanlike traits that you have been able to teach your mom. Forgiving to be the first and foremost. You truly are one shining star and I send my energy in your direction every day. Thinking of you and your mom and relax and take it easy.....

Your new friend,


Yeaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Cyber hugs to you dear girl! And Beardie nose bumps and slurpies to Pinche!!!

Diane, "that" Dexter and DeeDee

Mega White Light & Prayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wendy Mitchell, Doc & Ferlie



All the white light, prayers and luck are coming to you from So. California. I know how that feels, with a human body, personal experience!!!

Beardie Hugs,

Jane and the Crew

Hello Gigi,

I sincerely am sorry for what is happening to you as if's not painful enough to go through this heartbreaking feeling every single day, like you have been doing lately . I really don't know what to say that could make you feel better, my friend, just that I will be praying for you and if you allow me may I make a suggestion? Go to prayers for pets site. We are more than 200 people that love and understand what you are going through, and I believe that everybody will be more than glad to pray for Pinche -- more than you can imagine. I'm sending you the address in case you don't know this group.

I hope you both feel better. Blessed be.

Visit the Prayers For Pets homepage at:


Liane Legey

Loads of white light, warm healing power & lots of prayers coming your way from Las Vegas for Pinche. May he heal quickly. No wonder he wasn't up to walking around.

Hugs & kisses to Pinche,

Trooper & Duncan


You have my sympathy as well as my prayers. Hope Pinche does well with this latest complication -- it seems so unfair. Hugs.


Hello Gigi

At this moment my thoughts and prayers are with you and Pinche. It's hard to believe this latest turn of events and I most certainly admire your attitude. If white light and prayers will do the trick Pinche will be home with you in a blink. Be assured that all of the white light we can muster are flowing your way.


Moppette and Marilyn

We're sending lots more white light and prayers. to cover Pinche throughout his new surgery and also through his healing.

We're sending some more for you, too. Please continue to update us when you can.

Barbara and the Conley Beardies

Oh my gosh, how awful. I'm sending prayers and good wishes for a complete and speedy recovery.

Rae in Ohio

We'll really be thinking of your precious Pinche...what a weird thing to happen.

Paws Crossed...Porch Light Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada

Brent & Judy

Oh Gigi,

My heart breaks for you and for Pinche. No wonder he couldn't walk right. Do hope this surgery does the trick. Lots of white light from the Beardies and Lowchen at Fox Lane.

Mary and Crew

Lots of white light and warm healing thoughts coming your way from our home here in Pitt Meadows...we'll leave our porch light on until your Pinche is home safe and sound.

Hugs...and pats too,

Brent, Judy, Mariah, Pansy & Guinty

-- Thank you for leaving that porch light on. Hopefully it will light Pinche's way back home. Gigi

Hi Gigi,

We are sending tons of white light to Pinche. We have been following his journey and sending white light, but just haven't told you before.

Lois & the beardies
Bright, Ontario, Canada

oh poor Pinche and poor you much much white light from us

Hugs and xxxx

Jenny Hamish Macbeth & Wolfie

So who did you want to "belt" first? I would be just livid trying to control my anger! Oy!

How did they figure out they left a sponge in him? Were they missing one? Tell Pinche to bite the surgeon who left his sponge inside -- unreal!


This is really unbelievable.

Puppy prayers are on their way and a big collie hug too. Pam

Gigi (Momma),

I am keeping both you and Pinche in my thoughts! :-)

You not only have luck being wished on you both - but you both have an abundance of Love coming your way as well!!


Love and LIGHT en route from Oz. Pinche will bounce back after he gets rid of the unwanted goodies never fear!!!



They left a sponge in your dear boy?!!! Pinche, dear boy, after all you've been through -- stay strong and pull out of it!!! Don't even tell me they will charge you for going back in to get their sponge!!!

Cyber hugz, Gigi!

On "edge" with you!

BIG buckets of white ola light! Hey God -- need your help here!!!

Diane, Dex & DeeDee in toooo cold Illinois

Sending white light from Florida for Pinche

Kris and bob the dog and daphne too

Chin up Gigi. Thoughts and prayers coming from the gang at Fox Lane in Michigan.

Miracles do happen.

Mary & The Canine Crew (all 13 of us)

Hi Gigi:

So sorry to hear Pinche is having so much pain. Hopefully, the morphine drip will soothe him so he can get some rest. Prayers that it is only VERY temporary. We want him up and around and looking for milk bones. I think your decision not to see him right now is best. He would probably get over-excited to see you, and then he would be devastated when you had to leave. Thoughts, hugs and prayers to Pinche and to you. We understand what a roller-coaster ride you've been on.

Joey sends love and doggie prayers.

Nita in Florida

Hi Pinche and Gigi

If white light and prayers are keeping you going please know that they continue to flow in mega doses. Hang in there. You will soon be back home with mom and Bubba who miss you so much. Still have fingers, toes and paws crossed for good news from the lab.


Moppette and Marilyn


give him a really big hug for me.....i hope his pain is better...

Hang in there little Pinche...


Hey Girlfriend:

I just read through all of the warm wishes and white lights from the guest list! WOW! Pinche' is really touching a lot!

So, for Pinche', I turned my Christmas lights on my balcony back on! So let the neighbors think I am crazy! It's for Pinche'!!!!

And besides, I figure this: God DOES answer prayers. So... as of tonight, the lights are back on and will go on each night until Pinche' lets me know that our prayers have been met..........or until I get evicted.




I'm so glad to hear that your baby Pinche came through the surgery! Here's more prayers and white light for his complete recovery and that the tests come back in your favor.

This diary is an incredible testimonial for your baby, who will always be immortalized through your words.

God bless you!

Carlene (Birdmama5)
Florida Keys

--- Thank you so much Carlene -- your words are very touching.

I think Pinche's story and what I'm going thru is representative of what almost every pet lover/owner has to go thru at one time or another. It's the painful part of loving a pet. Gigi

Hope Pinche gets to come home by tomorrow. It's tough being away from home and Mommy. I read your guest book almost every day. What a great idea. Pinche has so many people (human and furry) pulling for him. He is famous!

When he gets well, can I have his autograph? :)



I sure hope the little Pinche is doing ok. Did he come home today, Wed? I send you both special get well wishes. Take care my new friends...


Great news! We'll continue to send light Pinche's way for now. Hope for the best biopsy results possible!

Whitney & MacGregor

We're a little late in reading this, but we're sending lots of white light and healing prayers for Pinche just the same. We will continue to do so as long as needed. I'm so pleased to hear your news. The white light and healing prayers continue from here at Conley's.

Hugs and wooooos,

Barbara and the Conley Beardies


I'm so happy for you and're such a talented writer. I usually can't read entries because I'm at work and they make me cry. But today is good tears!!

Love you mucho much,


This is wonderful news, Gigi, and he earned that Hollywood name with all his courage and yours, I hope the rest of his recovery goes well and you both go home happy, still praying,

Collie hugs to you both, Pam

Hi again Pinche and Gigi

What great news to wake up to. Keep up the good work Pinche. You show em !!! :-) We now have fingers, toes and paws crossed that more good news will follow when the biopsy is complete. More white light and prayers are on the way.

Moppette and Marilyn

Great news, Pinche. You did so well. We know you can overcome your next (and hopefully LAST) hurdle! We are thinking, hoping, and praying BENIGN all the way! Joey sends his doggie prayers.

Love and hugs

Nita in Florida

Way to go Pinche!

Thanks for the update, Gigi. White light continues.


Great Gigi, so glad for the "wonderdog".

Jim got thru his surgery too..........

Love , Joanie

What WONDERFUL news, Gigi!! At this point, any good news is appreciated, right? We'll continue to bathe Pinche in white light and prayers : )

beardie hugs,

Lakotah! & Cheyenne
-- and Nikkomah at the Rainbow Bridge . . . forever in my heart!

Hurray hurray ,wonderful new. Keep us posted on his recovery. All the white light seems to have helped yet again.


-- Yes, it has Liz. If I believed before, I believe even more now!

I am so glad that Pinche is okay and that his surgery went as well as it did. Hopefully, the victory over this "hurdle" will be followed by many other victories, as well.

Best regards,

Lisa and the seven dwARFs (2 Beardies, 3 Great Pyrenees, an AussieX, and Otterhound)
Oliver's House
"a non profit corporation dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and placement of dogs in Palm Beach County"

I am so happy for you Pinche and you Gigi. Been thinking of you all day but having some e-mail problems again. His tumor not sprouting is what we call in the medical community "enclosed". Let me know about the biopsy.

Gigi...kiss your baby for us. The back you'll deal with later.

Hugs, Elaine and Rachel

Good to hear that Pinche made it through the first lag of the surgery. Hope he has a peaceful night and that things continue to progress smoothly.

Helen & Sarah

I'll bathe the surgeon and nurses in light to make their minds quick and their fingers nimble. He's going to be just fine. Hugs from us in Seattle.

Whitney & MacGregor

Don't worry, everything is going to be all right. We (me, Nelson and Buba) are praying for you both.


Lisbon, Portugal

-- Muito obrigada primos!

White light flowing at full capacity, he will do fine today. Good luck to you while you wait.


Dearest Gigi:

You are the best mom a furry 12 year old ever had. We will say prayers and think good doggy thoughts.

I love you much,

Grapevine, Texas

We are sending white light your way for successful surgery for Pinche.

Eleanor and Maisie

Mega White Light continues to surround him.

Hugs & Prayers,

Wendy Mitchell, Doc & Ferlie

Have been sending you white light and healing all day! Also big hugs to you all!!

lots of love! God Bless!!!

New Zealand

Hi Pinche and Gigi

We will be thinking of you both tomorrow morning and continuing to blanket you in white light and prayers. The news that both kidneys are functioning normally was certainly great news.

Moppette and Marilyn

Everybody here has everything crossed from tails and paws to wings and even fingers and toes. Everybody is walking or flying a little funny , but it's for a good cause. We're all saying good things,

Take Care

Steven and the Gang

Lots of white light coming your way. All shining on your fourlegged baby(even if he is 12 years old)

Nelly Kauss
Rockwood,ON, Canada

I send a photomontage I created with Nouba and the view of our street with a rainbow.

Hoping our white light works !

Mireille Ruinart, Nouba and Azabache
Reims - France posters and cards of beardies Nouba's website

I check out your site about once a week. We have a healthy Yellow Lab. that is not quite 2 yrs. old. It takes alot out of you to go through something like this, so take care of yourself, too.

We are praying for Pinche.

Lannis, Dennis and Fella
Three Lakes,Wisconsin

Gigi -

Wanted to tell you that Pinche will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow! I lost my first beardie, Nikkomah, to cancer a few months after her 9th birthday, and I'm still devastated by the loss 4 1/2 yrs later.

Hoping and praying that Pinche comes through everything fine and will be with you for a long time yet!

Lakotah! & Cheyenne
-- and Nikkomah at the Rainbow Bridge . . . forever in my heart!

'Way to go! Hang in there Gigi, I'm sure everything will come out okay. My thoughts and prayers are always with you and Pinche.



Dear Gigi,

I am hoping for an easy surgery and recovery for Pinche. Good luck and best wishes.


Marie, Mia (beardie) and Amanda (I just had surgery too!)

Prayers and White Light to ALL!

Betsy and the Bearded ones in Oregon


What a nice website. I see that Pinche has many loyal and caring fans. All of us at Roxford Veterinary Clinic are pulling for him. I can't wait to play ball with him again... He's a real good catch! Just don't swallow the ball Pinche! Apparantly he thought tennis balls were edible a few years ago and had to have one surgically removed. I'll be thinking of you both on the 27th, his surgery day.

Dr. Teresa Long

-- A great big thank you to Dr. Long and the entire staff at Roxford Veterinary, Pinche's primary care vets. Years ago, Pinche swallowed a tennis ball and almost died when it lodged in his intestine. His life was saved at Roxford.

Hoping all goes well tomorrow! White light is coming to both of you.

Megg and the beardies three

White light, prayers are what we are sending you from Texas. HE will watch over you.



Every time I have my desktop visible with that adorable face on it, I send White light. That wonderful healing, soothing Light that is surrounding both of you. You are also in my thought and Prayers.

Hugs, Jo

Hi Gigi:

Thoughts, prayers, white light, and everything else being sent your way. Pinche has become very important to me. In his own way, he has helped me to deal with Lacy's loss.

Take care, Pinche! You are a trooper and you will come through this. Lots more milk bones out there that need to be eaten.

Love and prayers,

Nita in Florida

Hi Gigi

Tons of white light is on its way over the Atlantic from Denmark. We'll pray for Pinche tomorrow. Think positive - it helps. Keep us updated.

Christine, Steen & magical Aladdin.

Hi Gigi,

Thank you for posting Lacy's story.

Whether you realize it or not, you have been such a big help to me with my healing process. I appreciate you listening and especially your understanding. Now, I have to update you on our latest. Yesterday we met Joey and brought him home with us. He's a short, solid black cocker. He was a bit hyper at the rescue place, but that seemed to change when we got home. He has been a perfect gentleman. He already understands what "No" means. He seems to be house trained and he wants attention from both of us. His little tail wags most of the time, and he seems happy to be here. Right now he is laying at my feet. He doesn't bark much, but he growls at the strangest things: our next-door neighbor's garage door, and our kitchen light. Well, I guess those things can seem threatening. LOL. Anyway, we're glad he's here. I have taken some pictures and will send them Monday to be developed. I will send you one as soon as I get them back.

Thank you again for being my friend and helping me with losing Lacy.

Nita in Florida

Loads of white light coming in for Pinche to help him through the surgery. What fantastic news about his Kidney function.

Jo and the fuzzbutts from Oz.

Hi Pinche and Gigi

Keep the good news coming. Pinche is wrapped in a blanket of white lots of which is still beaming down from Toronto.


Moppette and Marilyn


I would just like to say what a great site you have. I sort of know how you are feeling. I lost my old dog nearly a year ago now. He had a tumor on his kidneys. He lived life to the fullest up to the day his hind legs started to fail so before it got to the point of him being in total pain we called it a day. He was 12 yrs old and we had him his whole life as his mum was a rescue and came to us in whelp.

Luv michelle & muttsxxxxxx
United Kingdom

Thanks for the update. White light and prayers coming from Ortonville, Michigan.

Mary Billman

Wow, you think maybe he will beat this thing?

What wonderful news that will be, still praying for both of you, keep me updated,

Collie hugs, Pam

Hi Gigi!

I just read the update and, not that it matters much, but, I agree with your decision to fight this thing!

If things turn out bad and you see that he starts to suffer, you will know in your heart and do what's best for him. Right now, however, he is still living life to the fullest and you are helping him to do that!

I just want you to know that I am honored that you have shared your thoughts and feelings through this adventure in your life. I think that we as human beings can feel connected to each other through your story. I'm right in there with you, praying and hoping that all goes as well as possible.

I also wanted to tell you that I think you are sooo blessed to be able to pay for his treatment. In the past, I have had to have an animal put down simply because I didn't have $500.00 to do exploratory surgery to find out what could be done, if anything. This vet wouldn't take payments. I have disliked this place and would never return to them again. Since then, however, I have found a wonderful vet, Dr. Beeder, right down the block from me, who has helped me with payment plans, etc. I would recommend him highly to anyone.

Gigi, you seem like a wonderful, kind, thoughtful and loving person. I am proud to say I know you.



We are so happy to read that you have received some good news. All fingers and paws are crossed here in Toronto hoping that the kidney scan shows more good results.

Moppette and Marilyn

Dear Gigi,

I stumbled upon your website because I was looking up Dr. Ayl. Dr. Ayl is Gracie's oncologist and, as you know, he is an amazing doctor. The love of my life King died almost one year ago. It was cancer, but it was undetected. Gracie is my best friend's dog & has been sick since King died. We pray for her everyday. We will include Pinche in our prayers.

At least you know that Pinche is in the best of hands.

Tracy :)

Hi Gigi,

He could be part Tibetan Terrier. He is absolutely adorable. And you are a very good photographer. The close-up of his face is outstanding. I just spent an hour reading your story. It is awesome. We have all walked this path and certainly feel your pain. I too, have allowed several dogs let me know when their time was right. And they absolutely DO let you know.

I am sending White Light to surround your family, two-leggers and four-leggers. I am putting Pinches photo on my desktop so you will both be in my thoughts and prayers.

I want to add one thing to my opening paragraph. You are an outstanding doggie MOM.



To Pinche,

From a friend with a hot spot of his own: Get well soon.



I want to tell you how much I admire what you are doing to save Pinche's life. I hope for both your sakes that it works. If not, you can feel comfortable that you did all you could. I have raised dogs for over 38 years now and have had to make that oh so difficult decision several times in my years. He will let you know when it is time...hopefully 5 or more years from now.

Mary Billman
Ortonville, Michigan

Hi Gigi

I just read your heart-wrenching story of Pinche's Journey. You are faced with such a difficult decision !! I hope that you have found some therapeutic value in your writing. You write so beautifully ! We pet lovers all know that we would do anything within our power to alleviate their suffering while giving them as long a life as possible.

One of my daughters lost two Labs to cancer and another lost one of her Springer Spaniels to lymphoma. I just read Pinche's story to one of them and she commented that she wished that she had kept a similar diary.

We have gone through a difficult year and a half with our dear Beardie Moppette. After recurring bladder infections treated by two different vets with antibiotics we decided to take her to an holistic vet who told us that we had to stop treating the symptoms and look for the cause. An ultrasound revealed a growth in the bladder which two vets were certain looked like cancer. The holistic vet agreed but strongly recommended that it not be touched. She believes that disturbing a tumour causes it to spread. She recommended treating it naturally. One of the other vets conceded that he had seen her work miracles while the second agreed that given her age (twelve at the time) and the prognosis following surgery and chemo she could understand our decision to go along with the natural treatment. The list of homeopathic and herbal medications is as long as your arm and along with that she has seen the vet (who is 45 minutes away) twice a week and now once a week. So far so good. At least she has had a very good year and had her 13th birthday in October. Like you we hope and pray that we have made the right decision. We are all they have.

We pray that God will be with you and Pinche during the rest of his journey. Do keep us posted.

Marilyn and Moppette
Toronto, Canada


I just wanted to let you know that my prayers are with you and Pinche right now. I don't think a day goes by that I don't wonder how he is doing.

I lost my best friend 3 weeks ago and I know the love you have for your buddy. My little chihuahua (Tiny) was only in my life for four great years but the time she was with me she left her little pawprints all over my heart.

My little dog had a bad heart and it looked like everything was going great and then she started getting fluid around her heart and lungs and I knew it was only a matter of time. The vet said I could put her on double the heart meds and Lasix but that it would only last a short time so I had my baby put to sleep -- the most humane thing I could do for her.

I loved that dog and she knew it.

Pinche is a fighter and I know he will do great. My thoughts and prayers are with ya'll.


I for one, and I'm sure there are many of us, will be waiting to read all of your updates. I am sending white light to help Pinche endure the surgery and the recovery. I also wondered if you had considered an animal communicator to get Pinche's opinion of what is happening to him. I am still undecided if they are, in fact, able to do this.

Praying for Pinche and sending hugs to you to help you through this ordeal.


We're thinking of you and Pinche today and hoping that the tests provide reason for optimism.


Moppette and Marilyn

Tell Pinche I said hello and good luck! And I'm sending him a "virtual" milk bone.

Nita in Florida

Good luck on the kidney and praying its good and that he enjoys more milk bones,

hugs Pam

Let me just say, that when Pinche decides it's time to go, he'll let you know, and there is a big, black, young, loveable Flash up there, that will make him feel welcome.


Hi, Gigi

For what it's worth, I think you made the right decision. Pinche still has a good quality of life, and has a good chance of beating this thing.

Take care.

Nita in Florida

I read your story and can only wish you the best of luck and a lot of white light. We have lost three dogs to canine cancer and it is very difficult to see it happen.


<<I found Pinche 11 years ago this last December>>


Sorry, you have that backwards. Pinche found you 11 years ago. Funny how some of the best things in life are so un-planned! You both were there at the right time for each other. Give him a hug from us.


-- Yes K, you're right! We all found each other! And almost twelve years later we're still a threesome. Thanks for the hug! -- Gigi and the boys

Gigi and Pinche,

I am so sorry to hear of Pinche's perdicament. We'll send both of you some comforting light from Seattle.

Princess Whitney & Mr. MacGregor (Beardies)

My beardie died from nose cancer but I did take her to a cancer clinic for dogs in Tampa. Have you seen a specialist?

Thanks for your nice website.


--- Thank you for writing Marilyn and I'm sorry to hear you lost your collie to cancer. Pinche is being treated at a speciality center here in the Los Angeles area. -- Gigi


I have 2 Milk Bone (lovingly called MB's around here) addicts too! My 12 year old DeeDee is 62 lbs!! VERY food oriented! They asked me to tell Pinche go for it! Life is short -- Milk Bones need to be plenty!

Your story really hit home with me as a very close work associate of mine has just gone through having a cancerous tumor removed from (of all things!) her dogs penis! They then found another non cancerous tumor on his paw. "Charlie" (6 years old) has had radiation and chemo and is doing pretty well -- he is an akita/ border collie mix and just darling! The tumor was removed late this past summer. At one point another lump showed up but it was fluid that needed to be drained. What is driving them nuts is Charlie won't stop chewing at his paw . . . so he is wearing a "collar".

3 years ago when my 1st Beardie, Farley, left for the Bridge in the fall, I just somehow knew that January that Farley wouldn't see another snowfall -- I don't know how I knew but I did. He had a stroke one night at 12:30 p.m. and we decided to let him run free and happy again. It broke a huge piece of my heart off, but from that day on I was intent on finding another Beardie puppy -- I not only found a fabulous pup in my Dexter but Farley gave me additional gifts with his leaving -- Dexter's breeder and I have become very close friends (although it's too bad she's in CO and I'm in IL) and she has used me for a reference when placing her puppies -- through a reference I have made additional life long friends -- we will all "reunion and meet for the 1st time" at the 2004 Specialty in Fort Collins this coming fall. So he left me with a wonderful boy (who sometimes is just like him, but makes me laugh more -- I think Farley knew we needed laughter!!) and lots more friends -- no better gift! I wish the same for you and Pinche!

What I forgot to say to you yesterday is -- kiss Pinche right on that beautiful nose for me! Dex sends a big WOOF! and DeeDee an A roo roo roo roo!

God bless and may you stay strong when you need to and weak when you need to also . . .

Diane, Dextahhh Dextahhh & DeeDee

PS-You're a doll boy Pinche!

Sending white light and healing to you and pinche (hope that is right).

My bitch Cassie who is 11 years and 8 months had 2 lumps removed in November - mamory tumours -which are malignant.

I have a friend Anne who is a qualified vet/homeopath and she suggested we treat Cass homeopathically. If she and you are agreeable I could put you in touch with her - also New Zealand Botanicals or Four Foot Herbals have mixed Cass a tonic which we give her night and morning.This is worth a try!

I also believe in white light - healing and prayer. God Bless!

A freind in New Zealand

Ahh Pinche & Gigi -- thank you so for sharing.

You already know in your heart you are only saying when the time comes . . . "goodbye for now" .

I truly believe the Lord calls our animals home because He sees on this earth it's time for you to give that same love to yet another who also needs you. A Beardie box of healing white light to both of you -- you truly will know -- he will tell you with his beautiful eyes -- mine did. May your journey be peaceful.

Well wishes,

Diane, Dexter & DeeDee . . . Farley, too from Rainbow Bridge

I've been reading your log. You are such a good writer. I know exactly what you are going through. I lost the Love of My Life on Oct 15, 2002. She was a 13 year old Bichon Frise, My Sadie Girl. I had the Vet come to the house and I held her in my arms. That was the hardest thing I ever had to do in my life. I have lost both parents, but nothing compares to losing Sadie. Please look at her website. Some of the pics are of the last few days of her life. When you see 3 dogs...she is on the left.

I will pray for you and Pinche.


Dearest Gigi,

I just read and perused your website. How wonderful a pet person you are. I will pray for you and your little angel every day. I lost my little Toby about one year ago and I still can't find a happy place to be with it. This website and certain folks have helped me tremendously. I hope it does you too.

If, at any time, you would like to chat. write me anytime and we will go from there. You friend for now and in the future....


Dear Gigi,

I've read your updates and I am so sorry to hear about your Pinche. I lost my dog to cancer last June and I still mourn him every day. I want to write his story on your site, but I can't get myself to just yet. But, like you, I spent tons of money trying to keep him alive -- it didn't matter what the cost was if I could just save his life or at least prolong it.

He had a tumor, although it was under his spine, so we didn't know about it until it was way too late. It took them way too long to diagnose him, although it might not have mattered.

I really feel for you that you have to go through this painful experience with Pinche. Treasure each day with him.

-- Tracey

Gigi, you will know when it's time and when you feel it is don't go beyond it. It's so hard to let go, but let go and let God.

He will tell you.

Collie hugs to you, Pam

Hi Gigi!

It's La'Ise from HPS. I wanted to thank you for sharing this site with us HPSers. I will keep you and Pinche in my prayers. I pray that the two of you will have a good ending. I have had many pets in the past and each one has its own story. I'm not sure if having a pet die of an illness or an accident is worse. The loss is the same, but, I think that when you know it will happen soon you have a chance to make peace with your friend and say anything that may have been neglected before. Interesting though, I don't think much goes unsaid or misunderstood with pets, just people. What do you think?

I would like to share my story of my cat, Artemis. Artemis was actually my son Eric's cat. But I ended up nursing her during her illness and eventual passing. It was probably one of the most difficult things I had done. I was with my Dad when he died, but his death was more tranquil. I knew that he was not afraid and probably not in any pain. I couldn't speak with him at the end either, but we had shared feelings and thoughts in the days before the morphine took him to another plane. I couldn't talk with Artemis. I couldn't tell her that the pain would end soon, that her struggle for breath would be over in a matter of minutes. All I could do was look into her eyes that were filled with fear and try to tell her with my hands and voice; tenderly and sincerely that everything would be okay soon. She would be able to rest soon. I still miss her. I will always miss her...




Pinche's story breaks my heart, but as in all tragedy's there is always something beautiful in there....the relationship between you and him. Pinche is lucky to have you in his life and I am sure you felt lucky many times with such unconditional love.

Good luck with everything. And thanks for sharing his journey!



This message is for you to tell Pinch that Ivanna’s coming back, and she will give him all the attention (of course she will understand that he cannot be touched), but I’m sure he loves it when Ivanna gives him 5 to 6 bones and gives Bubba only one……figures…………. He doesn’t even smell them, they go straight to his stomach………….but Gigi, you’re a great human being, you are the kind of person that doesn’t give up on anyone, not even on an animal………hope Pinche lives the best years with a lot of love……………………hope he gets better………MI and Ivanna…………………


Your, rather Pinche's, story is touching and real. Although the end may be inevitable, as it is with all of us,
your love and friendship will be strong enough to carry him through to the other side.

Ron and Caron
Cambria, CA

Went to the website......can't do this at work.....had to shut my door as tears welled up in my eyes. Gigi, it's a terrific website, a great idea, a touching story and my thoughts are with you and "the boys". Someday if I could get through it, I'll write about Lobo's last days of his cancer fight. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon M.
Greenfield, Wisconsin

Hi- You are so brave, posting this site. I lost my dog in November to fibrosarcoma, I kept a diary but I can't even pick it up right now. Best of luck to you. I called my Joon's journey The Long Goodbye. Life's too short for these precious babies.

Warm Regards,

Jen and Angel Joon

PS. your pictures are wonderful, what expressions your boy has!

My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. Please let me know if you need to talk about anything. I will answer, and I CARE. I never lost a furry baby to cancer, but my beloved Lacy went into kidney failure a little over a month ago. I would like to be a friend you can sympathize with.

Nita in Florida

I just visited your site, and it had me crying. I'll email you later, as I want to tell my Flash's story, even though it wasn't cancer that took him. I'll explain in the email, and I'll send a pic as well.

You and Pinche are in my thoughts and prayers.


Dear Gigi,

My heart goes out to you. Unconditional love is worth giving and receiving. What a blessing that you have experienced it. My prayer is that Pinche's journey has touched other people's and their animals lives.

It may be a small consolation to you, but I too have experienced what you are experiencing. You are a bright well educated woman. You will survive and become a stronger person as a result of this experience.

With much admiration and love to you and Pinche.

Patricia Bowles
HPS Class of 1970

I am really sorry Gigi. I really don't know why God/life/whatever the reason is that we have to have our loved ones be threatened or even have them taken away from us. On top of this they are made to suffer. I will ask God to spare Pinche....

By the way I really like your web site.


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