You walked into my life in December of 1992
and left on March 25, 2004

A valiant pooch who fought to live until the very end.
His journey turned him into everybody's dog as he
captured hundreds of hearts around the world.

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"Dogs in Heaven"

Saludos Gigi

Siento mucho lo que paso con tu mascotita.

Creo que el no ha muerto solo desaparecio fisicamente, pero alli esta en cada rinconcito de tu casa, por donde anduvo jugando, se enfermo etc.

Te aseguro que si hablas con el como solias hacerlo cuando lo podias ver, te sentiras como si te esta escuchando. Y creo que siempre estara agradecido por todo el amor que tu le diste, y le demostraste que no todos los humanos somos crueles con los animalitos.

Cuidate y que Dios te Bendiga.


Dear Gigi

I had been following Pinche's journey for several months, however, when he was doing so well, and going for chemo, I thought it was a happy ending, and quit checking in so often.

Today I was so sad and shocked to read he is gone. I am going to go have a good cry now.

You, Bubba, and of course Pinche will be in my prayers....


dear gigi i have just gotten back on the computer since the beginning of march.....i am very sad to read that pinche has left for the rainbow bridge .....our prayers and thoughts are with you....

duffy is sending gentle licks and mom susan is sending a big hug from washington d.c.

Losing your pet is a very traumatic experience......I feel it is somewhat like losing your very own child. Please know that we care.

Prayers & Paws Crossed for you.

Patty, Miss Susannah & Mikey

gigi, i do not know you or your boy pinche but after reading your site my heart is broken also. you have done well and pinche knows you are the greatest mommy in the world.

our animals are sent to us as teachers and we are the students. he has done his job and now will retire to bigger and better things.

you have helped so many with your story and your devotion to pinche and also bubba . i have sent along a poem that helped me when i lost oasis to cancer in 99.

"I explained it to St. Peter,
I'd rather stay here
Outside the pearly gate.
I won't be a nuisance,
I won't even bark,
I'll be very patient and wait,
I'll be here, chewing on a celestial bone,
No matter how long you may be.
I'd miss you so much, if i went in alone,
It wouldn't be heaven for me."

i do not know who wrote it but it gives me a warm feeling knowing i will see oasis again along with all my babies when my learning here is done.

take care and give an extra hug to bubba from ginger, spike and me.

barbara, ginger & spike
oc & romeo r plyn @ the bridge,

Sorry for your pain ...

He and Rex are free of pain; but you and Bubba are so still aching.

Thinking of you both,


Dear darling Gigi,

I don't know if you remember me but we wrote back and forth about your sweet Pinche.

I was devastated about the news regarding Pinche. I would like to offer you my sincerest condolences and tell you that my heart is aching, most definitely not in the same ball park as your grief, but I was absolutely grief stricken by the passing of your beloved Pinche.

I always used to reply to your posts and you were always in my thoughts and my prayers. I felt incredibly close to you and Pinche and I prayed hard for a miracle. *sigh*....

I feel for you Gigi and I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. Please let me know if there is.

*million hugs*......



I just wanted to let you know you & Bubba-Dog are still in our thoughts. We continue to read Pinche's website daily, crying in front of the computer. I did laugh, though, when you said Pinche would have called collect!

Don't feel like you are going crazy. I truly believe that when a bond between 2 people (or a person & a dog) is so strong, that bond lasts beyond death. Pinche is letting you know he is okay & still has his sense of humor.

It is truly amazing how one little dog has touched so many people's lives...


Duncan & Willow,

Dear Gigi,

I am so very sorry to learn about Pinche. Been following his story as others did for some time.

I have a 13 year old Lhaso/mix that was also a rescue. He is a grumpy old man as well. Tonight on her walk, my Dottie will add his name to the others when she does her twilight barks of "hello" to all those gone before her to the Rainbow Bridge. And as always, Pinche's star will twinkle back in a doggie "hello".

So from Teddy the Lhaso, Dottie the Beardie, and me - hold fast to the memories. May they help heal the aching hole in your heart.

Alice Cislo,
Madison, Alabama

Dearest Gigi,

I know it's been a week. I wanted to let you know I'm especially thinking of you and Bubba today. My heart is with you and I'm asking a special prayer for you. I KNOW how much you miss your boy.

With deepest concern and love,


Hi Gigi

Remember that each time you need a shoulder to cry on we're there for you. I really admire you for your strength and the will to turn negative thoughts to positive.

Pinche will always be with you and waiting for you at the bridge.


Dear Pinche -- probably in the middle of God's bed, travel gently through the following weeks, with good dreams of a healed happy dog.

Tears coming from 'down under New Zealand.

Love and blessings,

Stanley dog and his human Meryl xx
New Zealand

It's never an easy thing to lose a loved one, it's even harder when that loved one is furry and has a tail.

Gigi, you've done all of us pet lovers a great service by sharing Pinche's story. I believe it's touched the hearts of even those less then avid animal lovers.

When I lost my dog Lobo to cancer 15 years ago, I remember feeling so alone as it didn't seem like anyone really understood the magnitude of my loss and the sorrow I felt. I remember crying when I got the news and a co-worker who initially expressed great concern over how visibly upset I was, quickly shrugged it off when she learned it was "only my dog".

Now finally, thanks to your website I realize that I was never alone. May all the milk bone memories you shared with Pinche ease your sorrow.

Thank you and God Bless,

Sharon and her furry companions Crystal, Maya and Skippy,
Greenfield, Wisconsin

PS: Give Bubba a big hug for us!

Oh Gigi,

I just discovered Pinche's memorial -- What a beautiful tribute!

I'm sure I saw a tear in Bubba's eye. There were more in mine.

Oh how I wish that I could have heard your radio show today. (Of course I don't understand Spanish). It must have been so difficult for you but at the same time therapeutic. I remember when we lost our last dog I vowed that I would never have another as I couldn't face going through that pain again. Of course time heals all wounds and the thought of life without a dog won out.

I read your story of Pinche's funeral with tears in my eyes. It was so sad but at the same time so beautiful.

Marilyn and Moppette,

Dear Gigi,

I haven't experienced such loss yet but it's a nightmare for me and I know that when the day comes it will be hard. You know this was the reason I didn't want to get a dog for a long time - kinda self-defense. But we're living and as you wrote - this is a part of life.

I'm happy we decided for this "risky business" and got dogs. They have given me so much so far ... It was definitely worth the risk.


Czech Republic

P.S. I'm so glad you're gonna keep Pinche's site up!

Dear Gigi,

What a beautiful tribute to your dear friend.

I have 5 beards ages 1 1/2 to almost 15 and one cat named Gordon Whitefoot.

My heart goes out to you -- it is so hard to lose our furry friends. I lost a cat last year named Rosie, she was 21 and felt like she would be around forever. Someday we will see them all again.

Pinche was indeed a special dog.

Pat Weddon

Oh Gigi,

If only I could give you a real hug, and give you a real shoulder to cry on. I can imagine how devastated you are. He was such a fighter, and he had come through like a trooper on his surgeries. I could hardly believe it when I got your note saying he was gone. I cannot tell you how sorry I am and how much my heart is breaking for you.

I hope Bubba is doing okay.


Dear Gigi & Bubba,

My heart is so heavy after reading of Pinche's passing. I had only been following his journey for a couple of months....a friend from my weimaraner list passed it along...but I grew to love him :)

God Speed Pinche!


Stacey in VA

Oh Gigi,

Your words on the dogblog made me sob. I felt every bit of your pain and love that you experienced. I hope the grief you have becomes less raw as the days go by. I know that mine has with Theo, although I also know that some of the pain will always be there.

The question "why?" has never been answered for me. It seems so unfair, doesn't it? My boys ask almost daily why Theo died and I never have an answer. My faith in God was very shaken when he passed. I felt like I had been betrayed -- why when I had prayed and prayed and he had seemed to be getting better did he still have to go? It just breaks my heart.

I hope the emails that you're getting ease the pain a bit -- knowing there are so many others out there who know exactly how you feel seems to help. Thank you for keeping the dogblog up --you write beautifully and you touch a lot of people. Give poor Bubba a hug for me.


Dear Gigi,

I feel so sorry and I can imagine your great sorrow. Pinche was a GREAT Superhero, and I also shed a tear for your loss.

Amy, calling from Germany

Dear Gigi,

I wasn't able to write before today. The tears just made it too hard. You both traveled such a hard road on your way to Hope.

You asked in the journal, "Why?" I don't have the answers, but as a licensed vet tech, I know that your journal and Pinche's journey will help many more people understand the difficulties and choices to be made in the health of their pets. You have given their journeys focus and structure.....and they will know that they aren't walking alone.

My deepest condolences,

Cindy Mendonca, LVT
Bellevue, Nebraska


When I saw the subject line on your post yesterday in the Rainbow Bridge group, I started crying...I didn't even want to read what you said. It is so ironic that you and Pinche have been through so much together, fighting the cancer, and something else would take him from you.

Pinche had the most wonderful Mom of all and he still loves you for all you did for him. Just remember, you will see him again.


Florida Keys

So sorry to hear about your loss.

Suffolk, UK

I'm so, so sorry to hear about Pinche. I'm now crying for you and Pinche. You both have my prayers. May Pinche have a wonderful transition and may you both find peace. You were a wonderful mom and you both were so lucky to have found each other. I'll be lighting a candle for both of you tonight. I agree, they do take a piece of us with them when they leave.

Love and Blessings,

Jeri from NJ

So very, very sorry. Sending White Light & Prayers of comfort your way.


Wendy Mitchell, Doc & Ferlie

My tears bless you and Pinche! We have followed your journey and we have prayed and sent white light with the belief it would help - and I cannot think it did not! Although it was hard - there was extra time!!

Gigi - I weep with you and send you love and big hugs - also Cassie and Clare send Beardie nudges to you all!!

Know so many of us are with you and Pinche on Saturday.

God bless my email friend!

New Zealand

Dear Gigi,

I'm so sorry for your loss. You must be a great person and Pinche has been a part of your world. He is not here physically now but he lives on in your mind and your heart. And thanks to what you have made he will live in other people's minds...

I'm sending my thoughts and sympathy. You gave him everything you could. Mainly your love. He was a lucky dog.

Czech Republic

ohhh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

many many tears

I'm so sorry




I'm sorry to hear that Pinche's journey has ended so suddenly, I was hopeful for his full recovery. I know how sad you are now because I have lost a dog too, it was almost 40 years ago but I still remember the feelings from that day so long ago.

Although it is of small consequence at this moment Pinche is in a better place now with no more operations and pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Take care,

Doug Crossman
New Hampshire





My deepest sympathies on the loss of your beloved friend and companion Pinche. May you find some comfort in knowing that others share in your loss and sorrow. There is another star that shines brighter in the heavens each night just for him.


Susan Lybrand

Oh Gigi,

I am so sorry to hear about Pinche. He so reminded me of one of my Lowchen who had a not too good bringing up and is grumpy with strangers. But he is loveable in spite of it. Thus I related with Pinche.

Chin up...the pain will subside and soon you will remember the good times with Pinche. My thoughts and prayers are with you.


I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I'm thinking of you and Pinche and sending white light to get you through this tough time.

You were an excellent mom and did what you could do help your friend and it was his time.



For all of us who have followed this along.....the deepest of sympathy and tenderest hugs,


Dear Gigi,

I really don't have words to say that would comfort you now, my friend. I really was not expecting this at all. I feel so bad, tears go out with no control from my eyes. My heart also bleeds.

I feel for you, even though I think that now he is free and without pain or limitations. I have been following his case for a long while and I feel he was already a Cyber Dog for all of us from the Rainbow bridge and prayers for Pets.

Please understand that you did what you could and I'm positive that he knew all your feelings and all the sacrifices that you had to go through for his sake. What I can say to you is that be sure that you accomplished a wonderful mission and you should be proud for doing such a good job.

I will pray for your angel to embrace you and hug you and comfort you during this period of grief. Rest assured that I will be here anytime if you need me. Blessed be Your Furbaby, Blessed be You.

Many Hugs and Kisses,

Liane Legey

So very sorry that you lost your Pinche. You certainly did all you could for that wonderful fellow. I am sure he appreciates it and will be waiting for you when you cross the bridge.

Prayers and White light for Pinche and you and your family.

Annmaria Wellington


Please accept my deepest sympathies on Pinche's passing. I know how very much you strove to improve the quality of his life.

All my best,


Dear Gigi:

I am writing this with tears in my eyes after reading about the passing of your beloved Pinche. My heart and prayers go out to your and the rest of your crew. I am a BDL lurker who has always read your posts and even ventured to your website to check up on Pinche's Journey. May you find peace in the knowledge that you have gone "above and beyond" for Pinche and I am sure he knew that well.

Morena, Dori and Duncan (a rescue who like Pinche is somewhat aloof and definitely not affectionate...but of course we love him anyway!)

We are so sad with you. Thank you for the courage you have shown and for sharing this difficult journey.


I am soooo sorry for your loss. I wish I knew the right words to type to ease your pain... I have 2 felines but when I learn of a canine loss I am devastated as well. My heart goes out to you. I pray some how God eases your pain in time. I too believe when we lose a beloved fur baby a part of us goes with them..

May God Bless & keep you in his care & bring you peace...

Carole x

Oh Noooo! I am soooo sorry to hear this!

Know that Pinche is jumping for joy and running free with all the beardies, newfs, goldens, and all the rest of our furry four footed children that will greet him and keep him company until you meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thoughts and Prayers,

Cathy, Silver, and Topper

I am sorry to hear of your loss. He was lucky to have met you and had you in his life.

Kris and bob the dog and daphne too


I am so very sorry to hear about the end of Pinche's journey. He fought the good fight to stay with you for as long as possible; but there are times when our beloved friends are called to leave us before we are ready for them to go. He has been welcomed at Rainbow Bridge by many beardies and neardies who have gone before him. They will all run and play - waiting for the day we join them. He will never forget you, just as he will always be in your heart.

Lois & the beardies (in Ontario, Canada)

Hey Girlfriend:

I am crying like a baby and I can't figure out why! Even when my parents' dog of 13 years died last month, I didn't shed a tear. But why am I crying over one that I didn't even know?

Other than the fact that Pinche was my best friend's baby... the cramp in my side is from more than that.

I think I know why... because Pinche became MY dog through the journey that you wrote.

It's like reading a great book and being pissed off when you get to the end because you want it to keep going. Even though we all know that Pinche is in a better place now, it's just not good enough for me! I am not done reading about him.

Each day, I tuned in to find what Pinche's day was like. Did the doctors give him a positive note? Did Pinche get an extra bone? Did Pinche pee on everything at the office? It was like "Reality Blog".

I have to tell you, Gigi. I have a feeling that everyone who has been following the blog (even those around the world) will share this same sick feeling that I have for the same reason. Not only did we all want Pinche to live forever as a dog... but we all wanted to keep reading about him for just as long.

You are an amazing writer and told his journey not only through your eyes, but Pinche's as well. That's a true craft.

I will miss Pinche and Pinche's Journey a lot. He became my dog through you.

Let me know what time the funeral is... I want... no.... I NEED to be there.



Pinche fought a valiant fight. He is at peace. You have my sincerest condolences. I am so sorry.


I am devastated with you to read of Pinche's journey to the Rainbow Bridge. I know he will be waiting there for you someday.


Pobre Pinchito...

Quando li o teu mail, comecei a chorar - porque já estive com ele e gostava dele e também porque estava a acompanhar a vossa luta diária e afinal... morreu de causas naturais!

É triste mas temos de aceitar - ainda hoje se me lembro dá vontade de chorar...

Se precisares de "falar" estou aqui...

Beijos e coragem da prima sempre amiga,

Lisboa, Portugal


I am so sorry to hear about Pinche. I know what a horrible time this must be for you. I just wanted you to know that you & Pinche will be in our thoughts, & many tears will fall tonight in his memory.

Tamara, Duncan & Willow

Peace be with you and Godspeed to Pinche.

Ciao, Betsy

I am so sad as his journey has captured the hearts of all of us and we wanted so hard to believe that there were many more happy times for you and Pinche. My thoughts and white light are with you as you try to heal your broken heart. I know that mere words are very difficult, but please know that for those of us who have lost a furry child, our hearts break each and every time someone else loses a beloved pet.

They love you unconditionally and only ask that you love them back. A more pure relationship is hard to find.

Rosanne and Zoe

Querida Gigi:

Todos los perritos se van al cielo.

Al final de los tiempos, Cristo reconstruirá toda la creación en su forma original, así que de seguro te has de encontrar con tu Pinche perro en el cielo.

Animo. Dios te lo puso como un angelito que te cuida.

Con cariño,

Padre Jorge
San Francisco, CA


Know that Pinche's journey is just now beginning. I'm sorry for your loss, my friend.



I am sorry for the loss. I know that Pinche was your "child" and was therefore more dear to you. I love the love from my dog and know how hard the loss is to you. I have had tears in my eyes when I lost my pets.

Be strong,


Hi Gigi,

It is with great sadness that I write this message to you. I'm very sorry to hear that Pinche has gone to "milk bone heaven." He (and you) fought a long and courageous battle. As always, my thoughts and prayers to you. May the "white light" continue to shine.


Dearest Gigi,

I am so, so sorry for your loss.



Sincere sympathies and condolences. I am sorry that your family and the world is less full today.


Lo siento mucho, con todo mi corazon. Yo se lo que es pelear por la vida de un ser querido y perder. Pero Pinche tuvo una vida completa con una mama que lo queria sin duda. Te mando un abrazo y que Dios guie a Pinche en su ultimo viaje.

Besos Gigi, te cuidas, y animos



We are so sorry for your loss. It is hard to type thru tears. We already sent our healing light today, so all of it will go to you.

Karen, Whitney & MacGregor

I am so very, very sorry. I have prayed with you since we first read of his problems. He is now over the bridge, out of pain and with lots of friends.

I send many hugs to help you through the pain.


Dear Gigi,

My heart is so sad for you and this terrible loss after such a valiant fight, but it sings for Pinche as he is finally free of the body that gave him such problems. You will see him again as he is waiting for you and is so patient. He is playing and running with all the buds there.

Hugs and white light and prayers for you.


Oh Gigi,

What can we possibly say to ease your grief and to let you know how much our hearts ache for you. You both fought such a valiant battle. The good thing about it is that you can't possibly have any regrets. You went the extra mile together and then some.

I know that too soon we are going to have to face the same grief. I just pray that when that time comes we will not have to make that dreaded decision. I pray that the decision will be hers and God's as was the case with Pinche.

Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Marilyn and Moppette

Oh dear. I am so sorry. Through tears I wish Pinche Godspeed in his new journey. For you, my deepest sympathy. You certainly can't fault yourself, and all along this was always a possibility. But none of that makes it better or easier or even much more comforting.

My heart and thoughts go out to you. I know what it is to lose a loved one unexpectedly. You will be sore and sad for a long time.

I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Helen & Sarah

Dear Gigi,

You have our thoughts, prayers, and the white light of Spirit surrounding you, Pinche, and all of your other loved and at the bridge.

Jennifer & Lili in Cleveland




Know that you are in my thoughts; you showed everyone that money isn't an issue when it comes to our beloved furry family members...and I know now that I'm not alone in that belief.

I have a candle that I light on every Monday evening. It's to help those who have left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge. I think of my girl each and every time and will include Pinche this coming Monday.

Please take care of yourself and your Bubba-dog, ok, he'll be missing his friend just as much or more than you will in the coming days.

Take care,

Toni Eichholz
Harmony Weimaraners

Oh I'm sorry to hear that. I know how much of a loss this is particularly when you have spent so much time nursing, fussing, feeding and tending. Pinche joins a couple of great old gals at the bridge (Brady and Maggie).


I am so sorry to hear of your loss. White light and prayers are coming to you from Flinton, ON. Hope it helps you get through this sad time.


Jean Morden (a lurker but faithful reader) and her girls--Tori and Kylee


I am very sorry for your loss. I understand what you went's not always easy making some decisions for another, but what you did for Pinche was not in vain. He probably was trying to hang on for as long as he could to please you, but finally just tired of the fight.

Know that you were his true friend and that he knew this too. If you have ever heard of the Rainbow Bridge and believe this, he will be waiting for you.

Chris Minor


I'm so very sorry. I know there isn't much to say except he is free now at Rainbow Bridge. No more pain, surgeries or anything bad. He is running and hoarding milkbones!

Peace be with you and his family!



I cried when I read the news.

You are in my prayers along with Pinche and Dan-Dan and your other dear boy. You did everything you could. Bad week for animals. One of my closest friends lost her British shorthair in a seizure on Sunday. He was only 9.

Thank you for this chronicle. I felt as if I knew both of you.

Love, Karen (Clancy and Riley)

My deepest sympathy.


So sorry for your loss of Pinche. I have watched your struggle in your emails & was hoping for the best for you both. May the angels watch over him & you at this time of sorrow.

Jane, Murphy, Sadie, Tia, & Clancy


I am so very sorry about Pinche. I know your heart is broken, and I know just how you feel. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kathy Coxwell

I'm so very sorry to read of your loss. You and Pinche have been very brave and put up a heck of a fight. Pinche was one lucky dog to have had you for his friend.

Wrapping you and Dan-Dan in White Light and prayers as you grieve for Pinche.

Lisa Humm

Dear Gigi,

You did everything you possibly could have done for Pinche. Plus you loved him - the greatest gift we can give.

Pinche will wait, in good company, at the Bridge for you.

Hugs and White Light to you,

Kathy Shumaker
Glendale, AZ

How heartbreaking to lose him. I am so sorry and hope the pain goes away and is replaced by the happy memories of before the cancer.



I was so saddened to hear valiant little Pinche's journey ended. I know, firsthand, how difficult this must be for you. He is at peace - but I know you are heartbroken. In the past few weeks I have had four of my elder dogs (two Beardies and two Bouviers) pass away. They were nearly 12, 13 and two were 15. They had all lived wonderful, happy long lives. But it still doesn't make it any easier for me. The tears just keep coming.

I know Pinche had a wonderful home with you and a good, long life. Try to take comfort that you did all you could do and he knew it.

My deepest sympathies,



I am so sorry to hear about Pinche. You have my deepest sympathy. I know exactly what you are going thru. I followed his log daily. If you want to ever talk about it, I'm here for you. I met Paula from Mass., that sent Pinche the cookies, thru Sadie's website and I call her often. We have become good friends even tho we have never met.

Again, I am so sorry about Pinche.

Helen Deatherage

Oh Gigi,

My heart breaks right along with yours. I had hoped and prayed that your Pinche would be all right and that, unlike Theo, he would live another 3-5 years -- a happy-go-lucky boy.

To tell you that he's happy now and out of pain is simply just not enough. I know, because I've been there. I know all you want right now is for Pinche to come home again.

I'm so, so sorry for your loss. I just can't express in words to you how much your journey with Pinche has come to mean to me. I'm crying right now along with you. I wish you peace in your heart Gigi. I hope that you will continue to keep the website in honor of your dear Pinche.

Many hugs to you.

I'm so sorry,


Gigi, please accept my deepest condolences. I feel so bad for you. I wish there were something I could do to make the pain easier.


Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I know it's very difficult for you, but keep the faith. Pinche is at Rainbow Bridge and one day you will be with him again.

God Bless You,

Connie and her "kids" - Tasha, Foxy, Mishka & Aspen
(Prayers For Pets member)


I am so sorry!!

What you shared with everyone about Pinche, it made him feel like he was part of everyone's journey. I know the pain. Pinche is in a better place now, and he no longer hurts or is ill. My Flash will watch over him for you.

My condolences and if you ever need to talk, feel free to email me. I'm always here.

Love & Light,

Jo, Farrah, Starlight, and Sugar

Oh Gigi,

My heart is breaking for you. Please accept my heartfelt condolences on the passing of your wonderful boy Pinche. Sometimes there are no words, only shoulders to lean on, hands to hold onto and hugs to comfort you as best they can. I extend my shoulders, hands and hugs to you at this very sad time. Godspeed Pinche. Go play at the bridge, happy and healthy until we all meet again.


Roberta, Angel Coon and the Gang in Colorado

Our thoughts are with you today. There are never any words to help just remember that there are loads of us out here that feel for you !

Tim & Lisa Brack
Ruatha Kennels
Tallong NSW Australia


My heart goes out to you! I read about Pinche's journey and you obviously did all you could for this special boy! I'm so sorry for your loss! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!



Dear Gigi,

I was so very sorry to read about Pinche. Words are completely inadequate so I will simply send you, Bubba and Dan megatons of white light. He is waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hugs, Jo, Bella Mischka, Jess & Jill.

I am so sorry for the loss but at least he is in God's hands now and he will be fine. You'll get to see him again. I truly believe in that.

God bless.


I hope they had an *especially* BIG Homecoming party for you in heaven, Pinche.

Gigi and Bubba are in my prayers.



Dear Gigi,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you on your loss of your dear Pinche. You put together a wonderful web page to him, a wonderful legacy.

We also lost our Lacey 2 months ago as you may remember, it was a very trying month of January, it looked like she was pulling through but relapsed and it was too much for her. I have a lot of pictures of her 15 years of life and will try to get some of them together into a nice memorial web page for her. She was a very special girl and will always be.


Nick & Pat and "Hanna"

Dearest Pinche,

On your "new" journey, please be sure to look for a little chocolate poodle. His name is Toby and he will welcome you with lots of love and guide you now.

Pinche you will always hold a very special place in my heart and remember always that your "journey is as important as your destination".

Be well, little fighter, I will miss you so....

Aunt Paula


Sorry to hear about Pinche. You are in our thoughts.

Judy & 'Hairy Potter'

Dear Gigi

I have been thinking of you all day, as I have been waiting and crying about my Wolfie and your Pinche.

I look forward to meeting Pinche when I go to the rainbow bridge. My thoughts are with you. It's so hard.



Gigi -

I am SO very sorry….

I've been through this myself, and I know how heartbreaking it is. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers -- and I'm sure Pinche has met my beloved Nikkomah up at the Bridge by now.

In tears,


I am so sorry to read that Pinche has died. I have been following his journey, so glad when the tumor on his back was removed. He really fought the good fight. My heart goes out to you.

I recently lost a wonderful dog to a chest tumor. I miss him every day.



Pinche you are now an Angel - Please watch over the rest of your family from above.



Lamento sinceramente que Pinche haya partido, pero dejo una marca en quienes supimos de ustedes y su lucha por la vida.

El vivira siempre en tu corazon y en el recuerdo de quienes conocimos la jornada que ustedes emprendieron.

El tiempo te dara resignacion, y recuerdos gratos de lo que juntos vivieron.

Tu amigo,


Dearest Gigi,

I am so sorry for your loss. I don't know what your beliefs are spiritually, however, I am sure he is happy and at peace wherever he is and I know that he will never forget the love that you shared with him. He had a great life with you and his buddy. May God bless you all and help you through this difficult time.




My heart goes out to you.... Wishing you lots of strength.

Chris in Belgium and golden angel Branco

Oh, Gigi, I'm sorry very sad for you. After all the struggle and suffering, and just when you thought that everything's finally going to be fine - he succumbed to something else. How unfair!!

I know no words or comfort can replace him but I hope you will find solace in hin living on in your heart. He will always be a part of you; especially what both of you had been through. At least, he's playing and running free with lots of other free and happy spirits.

Remember that you are not alone in your mourning - we're with you in thought and spirit.


Hola Gigi,

No sabes como lo siento la muerte de Pinche. Por favor acepta mis sinceras condolencias. La verdad no se que se dice en estas ocaciones pero me puedes creer que lo siento en el corazon.

Como tu dijiste, el hizo todo lo posible y bueno ... tu fuiste una maravillosa mama para el, y juntos han luchado. Sin embargo,todo llega a su fin y ahora debe de estar con su Dios y debe estar bien. Por lo menos ya no sufre.

Se fuerte! Te quiero mucho! Y si necesitas algo, aqui estoy. Te mando muchos besos!!!

Con cariño,


I am so sorry gigi i really wish it wasn’t so.....


Dear Gigi,

My heart goes out to you. I know this is a trying time. Your lives were the richer for having been together; Pinche’s death will never change that.

I hope you continue to write about your experience on your dog blog. It will be helpful to you and others in the same position.




Pinche siempre estara vivo en los recuerdos y en tu memoria al saber que fuiste un angel para el....ahora el descansa con una sonrisa en donde quiera que este diciendo "gracias por todo mommy".

Dios te bendiga, y se fuerte al saber que Pinchito ya no tendra dolor jamas.


I am very sorry my dear friend. I know Pinch loved you very much and knew in his own way how much you loved him. It was a very painful battle you faced.

Gigi, I know what a loving person you are, I can only imagine how hard you worked through all this. I am sure you know you did everything that could be done. Bubba knows that also and can only love and respect you even more. Please rest and peacefully enjoy your memories of your puppy Pinch and what a wonderful life you gave him.

If I could do anything please let me be there for you.



Hello Gigi,

It saddens me to read your message. He was a wonderful dog and your dedication has been admirable to say the least. I have visited the site several times, and read your journal. I believe the writing process has been a great healer for your spirit, helping you through his difficult journey.

Now, you need to keep an eye on the Bubster. He may get really lonely without Pinche- perro. Perhaps I see a trip for Gigi to the local pound to rescue another four-legged soul.

Cherish the memories!!!!



I wanted to let you know that I have silently sat back and read about your ordeal, but that you are in my heart and prayers.  I have no children, not that that makes any difference with some people, but maybe that's why pets are so important to me, esp. some very special ones I've had. 

Thank you for putting up the site, thank you for sharing with others what you are going through.  Thank you, because it helps to share, for everyone.

Alexandria Fenner


I am so sorry.  My heart aches for you and Bubba. May Pinche rest in peace.

Take care of yourself, 



What you are feeling today is complete devastation. I went through it a few months ago with my dog Ruffles. I had her for 17 years and without the help of my friend Bob I don't know how I could have gotten through it. He was there for me, when I had to put her down, which is the most horrible thing in the world to go through. I have never been without a pet. They are the best friends one can have.

We didn't graduate the same year, but we all know that coming from HPS, there is a bond. Being pet lovers, makes it even a stronger bond.

Be strong, take care and know I'm thinking of you.

With complete understanding,

Jodie Carn


I can only imagine how devastated you must be right now - I read the complete blog tonight when I got home from work - I felt like I knew Pinche from your writings - I feel like I know you as well - you are a "Special Person" and that adopted street waif that you named Pinche knew he had a special home.

That little bite was a love bite - I know because my beloved Shep bit me on the face when I was playing with her and opened a gash on my nose (still have the scars) and she knew that she bit me too hard in our playing - it showed on her face. - I was only a teenager at the time.

I wasn't home when she was hit by a old Volkswagen and had to be put down. I still have her chain and dog tags 40 years later and here I am tonight 56 years old and crying after reading your and Pinche's story. It brought back all the memories of Shep. I only hope my Shep will be waiting for me at the Rainbow bridge when my time comes. 

Again you have my deepest thoughts and prayers - take this experience and use it to do something that will truly memorialize Pinche like a special foundation to help others who have pets in similar situations but can't afford treatments - with your media positions you shouldn't have problems raising funds to start such an effort. 

I truly enjoyed reading your dogblog even if it was sad!

Yours in Christ's hands,

Alan Flood

Oh, Gigi

I am so, so, so very sorry.  I hurt for you and Bubba, and Dan-Dan.  My tears are flowing as I write this.

Please accept my sincerest condolences for your loss of Pinche.  He was a part of all of our lives who have been following his story.

If you need a friend to talk to, or to cry with, or to scream with when the pain gets unbearable, please write me if I can help you in ANY way.

Your friend,


Dear Gigi,

I am so sorry. Both of you fought a long battle and in a way you won, you did your very best and over and beyond what others would do. But Pinche just wanted to go, he didn't want to leave you, he said I tried.

Don't forget he loves you and you will see him again. We all will be joined again one day. We have to hold on to that.

God Bless you Gigi -- thank you for sharing your journey and Pinche's.


Oh Gigi,

I'm so sorry, you're very much in my thoughts.


Oh Gigi,

I am so sorry!  I wish there were some magic words that would help you relieve the pain you are feeling.  Only time will do that and never completely.  I am sending you some warm and loving white light to wrap around you - I am hoping it helps some. 

Pinche was one lucky fellow to have you for his Mom, he was happy until the end. If we are lucky he is now running free and waiting for you at the Bridge. Hope it is true for both our sakes.  Please give Bubba lots of attention and hugs.  He has lost his buddy too.

Gigi, if I only had the words I would take your pain away and leave you with all your wonderful memories of Pinche.  I am so sorry....

Jennifer, Q, Ki and all my furbabies at the bridge

Gigi it is so hard for me to write after I read what you wrote and just knowing you lost your beloved Pinche.  I can hardly see to write.  My tears blind me. 

You are so brave.  But then we have to be don't we?  He will always be with you even though he is in heaven.  I know because Sassy is with me everyday. 

He is in no more pain and is now running and playing… and maybe he will take the spoon and hand it to an angel to feed him. 

Oh Gigi, I am so sorry.  I feel your pain and mixed with mine for Sassy, it feels overwhelming.  But I know that Pinche had the most loving and caring mommy and I know that Pinche knows it too.

May God give you the courage and ability to endure.   Again I am so sorry. My deepest condolences.

Thanks for keeping the site on and thanks for having my Sassy there.

I wish I could hug you,

Hugsssss and love, Elaine, (angel Sassy), Spunky, Sissy, and Soffee

i read your updates each day.  i am soooooo sorry to hear of pinche's passing.  i wish i could tell you that it gets easier. i told you about my duncan who was taken from us due to that horrible thing called cancer.  that is such an awful word. it will be 3 years on may 18.  i go back to the exact spot at the exact time that he left us each year. i just want to be able to feel his presence.  maybe it will never happen but i will keep trying. we just planted new flowers on his grave today.  he is buried in our backyard with a rock fence around his grave.  when i look out the window and see flowers blooming it is as if he is trying to tell us that he is ok and that we should quit feeling so hurt.  but my heart hurts every day for him.  he was my best friend. 

keep pinche's memory alive and remember him each and every day.  he sounds so much like duncan.  duncan fought death so hard, i just wish he could have won. with my most sincere thoughts and prayers,

nancy spivey

Dear Gigi,

I loved your website and Pinche's life story.  Right now I am sobbing.  My heartfelt sympathy to you.  I am sure Pinche is surrounded with milkbones right now up in heaven. 

I am putting my 18 year old siamese, Deja, to sleep on Tuesday at 5:30 after doing all that I could do for him.  He, too, has been the love of my life since he was 6 weeks old. 

It will be a very empty house Tuesday night even though I have two other cats. 

Take care,

Cleveland, OH


I held off as to give you a day to grieve. He couldn't have had a better master and friend. I am so sorry for your loss. It is good to hear that your column will continue to live on. You were his spirit and you gave him the quality of well, as they say, a dog's life.

Ron & Caron Waltman,
Cambria, California

All sad condolences from Texas. 

You really have made a contribution to canine literature---and I think you should put it all together in his memory. 

Pobre Pinche Perro!  I've had dogs who lived to 16 and 17---and it's just like a human...even when their time has come, it's very hard to accept. 

Even though we've never met, I feel like I've been part of the story all along through the posts to the HPS sites.  I hope you all are doing as OK as possible under the circumstances.  It is quite an odyssey you all have been through.

Charles Lincoln.

Hi Gigi,

A friend of mine sent me your journal about Pinche several days ago. I read every single word and at the end I cried and cried.

My friend knows the love I have for my two bichons and she knew I would love reading that there is another person on this earth that would go to the ends of the planet to save their loved baby. 

I have had my Heidi 12 months now and I have a rescued bichon I got at Small Paws, the bichon rescue organization that rescues bichons from puppymills. Her name is Haley and she is 6 years old. These dogs are the reason I want to get up in the morning and face another day.

I am so sorry about Pinche. He was so beautiful. His struggles in life were so many and I think he was so brave.

My heart breaks for you today and as I am typing this I am crying just to know the little love you have lost. I know you will always have the memories of little Pinche. He sounds like he was one in a million.

Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful things about his life. It was sad at the end, but what a terrific dog he was! God Bless you and I am saying a prayer right now that God will  heal your heart and give you comfort.

I also have created a little journal about my babies. I thought maybe you might enjoy reading about them and seeing some pictures of them. I would love to put a picture of Pinche on my journal if you would give me permission.

God Bless you Gigi and I am praying for you,

Sheila Medford, Heidi and Haley

Dear Gigi,

I am so sorry that you have lost your beloved Pinche. I really hoped he would survive, yet somewhere in my heart I felt you were pushing for the impossible.  I am sad, yet relieved that your beloved fur friend is no longer suffering.  It is you now who will suffer, as we love our dogs so terribly that they are indeed a physical part of our hearts.  When they leave us, they take a big chunk out of that heart.  I know how much you loved Pinche, therefore, you have a looooong recovery journey before your heart heals.  This is a painful loss.

I think right now that you are reaching out to ask "What happened?" and wondering if you did something "wrong."  No my friend, you did more than most of us could ever consider doing, both financially and emotionally.  Why Pinche died as he did is merely a physical thing, something I am sure others will tell you.  It was his time, Gigi.  There was nothing more you or your veterinarian could do.  We all have a time clock ticking, no matter our hopes or dreams.  All good things come to an end, remember? 

For now, comfort yourself with the knowledge that you loved and were loved back by a very special dog. There are millions of dogs and cats who never get to experience even one day of love such as what you two shared.  Think how special Pinche was!  So many shelter throw aways would give their lives (and they do) for just one day of love such as yours. 

My prayers are of thanks to you for keeping Pinche, even though there were touchy times in the beginning.  My prayers are for Pinche that he no longer in pain and that his body is healed at the Rainbow Bridge.  My prayers are for your broken heart to be mended in time, that happy memories will cushion the hurt you are feeling right now.  And my strongest prayer is that when the time is right, you will honor Pinche's memory by going to an animal shelter and saving another wanting soul.  It is the ultimate compliment to our departed pet, you know.

For now, cry, cry and cry.  Tears help heal the heart.  You are not alone in your grief.  We all care.


Barbara,  Panda, Tillie and Monty

Hi Gigi:

I want to tell you how sorry I am for the loss of Pinche. I know you have received so many of these emails from everyone but I also wanted to give you thoughts.

You were one of the first to send me an email about my dog Sammie when she died in January. It has been almost three months and I am still having problems sleeping at night. I know it is not going to be easy for you. I also know that from everyone in this group and other places on the web, they say that in time you will heal. Your daily diary of your dog helped. I know it gave strength to you and others as well.

I know it is not much but your puppy is in a better place. Not hurting any more and smiling with all of the others puppies.

I know time will heal the pain you have.


Houston, Texas

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