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Facing and Fighting Canine Cancer

Ok, so I can't type.
I can't even spell.
I can speak -- it's just in another language.
But I do have a voice.
And a message....

This is my story....told in the words
of the person who hears me speak....
And who understands me when I mom.

I first noticed a lump on Pinche's ribcage back in May of 2003. The small mound quickly turned into something the size of a grapefruit and in June, his regular vet removed what would turn out to be a cancerous tumor. The good news: it hadn't spread and Pinche made a quick recovery.

Or so we thought.

Less than six months later, the tumor returned. Bigger and harder than before. And this time, it brought reinforcements -- or "abnormalities" as the Doctor described them.

Since I know that Pinche and I are not alone on this long journey -- I wanted to tell his story, to document this painful process so that others who may be going thru the same heartbreak can know they are not alone.

I will update the dogblog as there is news about his condition -- which I think will be pretty often. Eventually, I will post links and information that I hope will be helpful to anyone going thru this.

Your comments and questions are welcome at:

This is a dog's story.

My dog. Your dog. Our dog.

Thanks for sharing the journey.

Gigi Graciette  

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