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Fido is the fat one. I named him Fido because he was the runt and was the smallest. My hope was that if I gave him a tough name, the other cats wouldn't tease him because of his small size. Fido is now 16 lbs. No one teases Fido.

Gretchen is a Japanese Bobtail/Minx. She has a bunny tail and hops on her two back feet. I named her Gretchen because that was what I always wanted to name a daughter. But since the odds were slimming down, I figured that Gretchen the Cat would do.

When I develop my pictures of Mrs. Whiskersons and Jackie-Chan, I will send those to you as well.
Yep.. yer gonna need more megabytes. ;-)

Cyndey-Sue, Sherman Oaks

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