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JJ the Dove was with my family for over 30 years. I got a unique chance to raise him from an egg. It was awesome to watch a little bird hatch and grow wings and learn how to fly.

JJ loved to cuddle and talk. He got along well with other birds like parakeets & cockatiels, which happened to be his roommates.

The last few years I learned that birds can have strokes. The vet stated that when birds have a stroke their bodies repair themselves by rerouting the blood flow by basically recreating new blood routes.

After a while though there can be a stroke that cannot be healed this way due to the fact that it has caused irreversible damage to the neurological center of the bird's brain, which could leave them without any neck muscles, among other things.

My misfortune was to witness the first stroke.

Finally JJ had to go to the Vet and be put down because he was unable to eat or drink any longer. It was hard for him to get around without any neck muscles so I had to say goodbye a few weeks ago.

He was over 30 years old & I will miss him dearly.

Los Angeles