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Macy Dyxi Lyon


My beloved Macy Dyxi Lyon journeyed on from this world to a far greater one on Saturday, September 18th. She brought me and others like you great joy and love over her 15 years of life here on Earth. She passed away, peacefully, eating a bone of course, here in Hannibal, MO.

Attached is a wonderful, vivid portrait, created by my dear friend Marcia Germain some years ago, in pastel, in honor of Christmas...and Dyxi's love for winter...having finally adjusted to it, after moving to Wisconsin from her birthplace in California. She is now romping around above, with Charles and all our other dear ones...canine, feline and other! Enjoy her memory

She'll forever be our friend
6/7/89 - 9/18/04

Rick Rose
Garden House Bed and Breakfast
Hannibal, MO