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Dear Gigi,

Thank you for sharing your story with us and allowing us to share ours.

My story took place many years ago when I was a teenager vacationing in Northern Wisconsin. Mokey, our Beagle-Terrier had suddenly became very ill. Since we were miles from the nearest town, we had no access to a veterinarian.

Mokey was a small dog, maybe 12 inches tall, but he had the heart of a lion. He was no more than four years old at the time. He wasn't a mean dog, but very protective of his territory and his family. We would soon find out just how protective he was.

Days passed and Mokey continued to get worse. He wasn't eating and was unable to stand up. Some neighbors stopped by to visit one day, bringing with them their terrier mix. Their dog was mean. Very mean. He snapped at several kids, but never bit anyone.

We were all sitting in the living room of the cottage. The terrier was lying at the feet of his master, while Mokey lay motionless on the couch. Suddenly the terrier growled and snapped at my younger sister. Before anyone could react, Mokey made a single jump from the couch and pinned the terrier to the floor. His hair stood on end as he growled a message that I'm sure the terrier understood......”Don’t mess with my family".

From that moment on you could see the improvement in Mokey. Within a couple of days he was back to full strength, protecting those that he loved. Mokey lived a long life, passing from this earth at the age of sixteen.

God bless you, Pinche and Bubba
My prayers are always with you.

Burbank, CA

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