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March 17, 1996 - April 13, 2003

On April 13, 2003, I lost my beloved English Springer Spaniel.

Like Pinche, Poochie was one of those dogs who seemed to be a human trapped in a dog's body. His loss left a huge hole in my life that felt as though it would never heal. I wrote several short stories about Poochie's arrival and subsequent adventures at Rainbow Bridge. It helped to imagine him in a beautiful, happy place, but I still couldn't bear to get another dog.

In August, I adopted Abby, a Springer mix, who was abandoned by her family after a divorce. Now once again, I come home to an enthusiastic welcome and my home is filled with love. Abby isn't Poochie, but she is so special in her own way and she heals my heart. I don't think real healing begins until we are able risk opening our hearts to the love of another good dog.

I know my Poochie is watching over us with approval.


Christmas 2004

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