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This is a memorial to my precious Sassy

July 23, 1995---Sept. 26, 2003

My Darling Sassy,

From the first time we saw each other when you were only six weeks old and a beautiful bundle of chocolate auburn fur, you and I knew we were meant for each other.

I took you in my arms and you would not stop licking my face. Ah, those wet kisses which I adored. You only weighed two pounds and you were destined to be my baby girl.

From that moment on it was a mommy and baby relationship that was so full of love and caring for and about each other that it was and is unmeasurable.

You were my best friend, my protector, my angel, my soul mate. And oh how you loved just being near me. I can not believe you are not here with me anymore. Only in spirit and memory. I have your pictures all over the house: I kiss them and talk to them and then I whisper Good Morning and then Good Night. I sing to them as I did to you.

How you loved me to talk and sing to you.

In late January 2003, you suddenly became blind and although you could not see, you were always so stoic and learned so quickly to get around and follow commands with those beautiful dark eyes that were seeing no more. You still enjoyed life and love. No one knew you were blind unless I told them.

You never complained even when you were sick, you were always so stoic and brave.

How you loved being with me. You were always at my side and how I loved sitting in that big blue chair with Spunky on one side, Sissy on the other side and you in the middle on my lap where you always insisted on being. You were the alpha baby and Spunky and Sissy always followed your lead. With the small quilt covering all of us, we would watch TV and all fall asleep. It was sheer heaven to me, It seems all you wanted was to be close to me.

When you became ill, we tried our best to get you the proper care, traveling to wherever we needed to. Oh, how we tried and trusted you were getting the proper care. But the angels called that fateful day at 10 AM on Sept. 26, 2003 and God took you to be with Him and the angels.

I remember the rides, your beautiful face, the ice cream, the treats, the cuddling at night, how you would growl at anyone who came near you or me if I was holding you. Even daddy. I was totally yours and you were totally mine. Even blind you sensed if someone else tried to come too close to me or kiss me and you let them know "NO WAY"., the excitement you showed squealing and jumping up and down when I would say "want to go bye bye", or when I would go out somewhere and come home and say "mommy's home", you would squeal with joy and run for me to pick you up and all those wet kisses. I would have to sit down holding you because Sissy and Spunky would do the same and I couldn't hold all three of you standing up. The bantering with Spunky and Sissy. How you loved Markie (your Willie B) mommy's oldest human son and how he loves you still and misses you. He being a doctor knows what was done to you was wrong, but they lied to him as well.

Oh how I, daddy, Sissy, Spunky and Markie miss you and grieve as well as all those who loved you. There will never be another you. You were so special, a once in a lifetime furbaby. You and I had this bond that will never be broken.

Oh, my angel, how do I live without you?

I know I must, but the tears I shed day and night keep flowing....

You were mommy's girl. My angel, how I yearn to hold you and kiss you and pet your soft beautiful fur. When I would massage you you would roll over on your back and I would softly rub your tummy and when I would stop, you would gently take my hand with your paws and nibble on my fingers for more as if to say "more mommy" and I always did.

We would take turns, I would rub your tummy and then Spunky and Sissy.

What a quartet we made.

I will never forget that fateful day that God took you at Dr. Langes where he tried so hard to save you. I wanted to die with you and go with you. But I knew I couldn't do that because daddy, Spunky, Sissy and all the family needed me and their grief would be doubled. But this I know, part of me and my heart went with you.

Rest well, be happy and healthy. I know you can see again and are healthy again and I pray you are happy and are still with me in spirit.

Remember approximately three weeks after you left me when I asked you to give me a sign that you were all right? Well, you did. Your picture changed and there was and is this smile where there wasn't one before on the same picture. What a miracle! Thank you for answering me.

Please dear God hold her in your arms for me, You and all the angels.

Comfort her and give her peace and happiness. They say you are only a breath away, but that is too far for me right now. Until we meet again my beloved angel, you will never be forgotten. I will always love, miss and want you.


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