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Bogo's last picture -- with his bear -- taken moments before the end

He's gone -- Bogart is gone.

Just like that, the boy that has spent the last nine months loving me and I him is gone.

My heart is heavy; in pieces, my soul is shattered and my faith shaken. Today I know not what I believe in anymore only that what I loved the most in this world is gone.

And yes, this is all over one dog.

It has been a lifetime of love in the last months...I could not have loved him more if I had had him for twenty years.

And as hard as I tried to save him, I couldn't. Even though I spent every waking hour researching Canine cancer, Hemangiosarcoma, Anemia, alternative cures and holistic medicine, I couldn't save the handsome blonde boy, the one and only thing I loved.

Bogo will be buried next Saturday with my other dogs at a cemetery called Pet Haven.

Thank you to all of you who cared; who helped Bogart and Taz find a better life and are feeling my pain today.

Bogo did not suffer. It was fast and painless and done here in my home where he was surrounded by everyone who loved him. Even though he had not eaten all day, he managed to nibble on a few of his favorite baby carrots, his "baby Bogo's" as we called them. I don't know if that was his final gift to me but it sure did mean a lot.

For those of you wondering, please rest assured that to the very end no expense or financial cost was spared in trying to find him help. He received the best care money could buy and more until the very last day, yesterday. It was the least he deserved.

Please know that even after diagnosis, Bogey spent a very happy and healthy three weeks -- playing, eating very well, loving and letting himself be loved 24/7.

God bless all of you for your support.

And God Bless Bogo for being the wonderful furry friend that he was and for loving me so much.

A heartbroken,

Gigi and Taz
May 11, 2008

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