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June 16, 2004

It's back!!

45 days and several requests later, the slipper has appeared.

Apparently deciding to return on it's own because no, it was not in my roommate's room after all. Although she swears she had a slipper sighting there a few weeks ago.

So where was it, you ask?

I really don't know -- maybe on the right paw of a neardie-beardie who was romping with angels?

Next to a spoon, ball, bandana and milk bone on the river bank of Rainbow Bridge?

Honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

So where was it found, you now ask.

In the closet -- not the one in my bedroom which is home to the rest of my footwear but in the office closet.

The same closet that I searched just a few days ago while looking for some important papers I needed.

The papers weren't there and neither was the slipper.

And yes, I am sure.

So, is it -- was it -- a sign from my oh-so-loved and oh-so-missed furry friend up above?


A sign of what?

I have absolutely no idea but I welcome the slipper's return, as does my right foot.

I also welcome any further signs of life beyond death....or should I say signs of LOVE beyond death?


June 22, 2004

A Silent Prayer

Please dear God, please.

Please tell me that I didn't really see what I know I saw today.

Please tell me that it's temporary -- a passing pain in an old limb.

I know he's an old guy, I know he is.

I also know that he won't be around forever but please, dear God, please not yet.

Not yet.

Bubba-Dog is an old boy but he's still so full of life -- even with his aging and aching doggy heart that so felt the loss of his best buddy, he still loves life.

And I love him.

So please dear God, please tell me that when I saw Bubba's right rear leg buckling under him today -- you know, when I had to start walking really slow so he could make it back home because his leg kept giving out -- please let it be a passing thing.

Please do not let this be another start to another end.


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